Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.  Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.  The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.  ~John Muir

Last week we talked about ‘Chop wood, carry water – repetitive tasks’ and staying present in the moment. This week we are focussing on enjoying our tea moments while nurturing our nature connection. We need to experience nature to receive its gifts and connect with its energy and pulse. 

Nature Connection Picture Collection

Of course we can’t all leave work early and head off to the park or beach for the afternoon or enjoy a weekend retreat in the country. So we need to be able to find nature wherever we are; whether it’s the:

  • spider web strung across the doorway,
  • crows flying so effortlessly in the sky,
  • the autumn leaves gliding slowly to the ground
  • snowflake gently falling to rest on your tongue.

As children, we are in tune with these wonders and excited when we come across them. As adults, we are often too busy to take the time to be fully present and in awe. Tho think for a minute – the complexity of the spider web, the breath taking, color filled beauty of a fall sunny day – and oh those amazing snowflakes – rumor has it that every single one is different!

By nurturing the nature connections we feel more relaxed, less depressed, more physically fit. We heal quicker emotionally and physically, and tend to be more creative and at peace.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” Albert Einstein

When was the last time you felt in tune with nature; where you stopped to examine the intricate design of a spider’s web or leaf, watched a sunrise or sunset, watched the waves splash in and out or went on a nature walk?

Grab your Libre and get out there when you can and enjoy the ‘awe’ and ah ha’s of nature! Share with us how you experience your nature connection for a chance to win one of this week’s tea suggestions.

Here are 2 teas we think you would enjoy while making your nature connection:
Lapacho Pear Cream from Steeped and Infused in Toronto, ON
Gaba Oolong from Mad Monk Tea in San Diego, CA

Congratulations to Susie B last week’s Chop Wood, Carry Water Tea Winner!

More information:
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Comments (25)

  1. Laurie


    I experience nature every morning as I watch the sunset over the mountains to the east of my house.

  2. alisa


    I love to feel the wind in my hair and the sun on my face and the sounds of the ocean waves crashing. Those are the things in nature that soothe me!

  3. Reply

    I work from home and do not get out a lot but for me, every day I enjoy the nature around my home. I enjoy feeding the stray kitties and preparing box beds for them for the coming winter cold, to loving my own furkids.
    I always enjoy the leaves in our yard. I love leaves. We have some of the largest leaves and all of the fallen leaves in the neighborhood find their way to our yard and end up against our fence.
    I enjoy feeding the squirrels and putting fresh water out for whatever animal life may need it.
    Its nothing fancy, but it makes me feel a sense of calm and happiness.
    I am also in love with the biggest Catalpa tree in town. Catalpa trees are just so stunning and I absolutely love spending time around mine. This is where I have the bird and squirrel feeder placed along with the water.
    Whenever I empty out the old water there are tons of little rollie pollies that live underneath, and we have wild mushroom growing there as well.
    We decorate our yard with things from nature such as river rock, lime stone, and old tree trunks and limbs, giving plenty of spaces for tiny bug and other life to grow.
    Tea is always a major part of my nature enjoyment. Sometimes its only a matter of sitting out on an old tree trunk enjoying the view but for me that is all I need.

  4. Reply

    Living in a cold climate, I sometimes have to FORCE myself to get outside (with warm Libre in hand). Every time I do I am SO rewarded. The fragile warmth of the sun speckles my face and all worries are instantly discarded. I feel at home amongst the birds and the bushes and the trickling water. For me, connecting with nature is where my spirit is restored. The forest is my cathedral and I always leave feeling renewed, grounded and energized for the crazy, beautiful life ahead.

  5. Terri Betz


    I drink my Libre Tea under four giant Douglas Fir trees in our yard! They each have their own personality and don’t even mind if I stare at them until my tea is gone. They whisper to me in the soft wind that is almost always stirring here at the top of the hill. Tea helps me breathe and observe and really feel a part of this world!

  6. chelesa sims


    I like to wake up just before sunset and watch the sun as it comes up and watch the birds and listen to their beautiful whistles and watch the squirrels as they run from tree to tree.Once i watched a woodpecker as it pecked on the tree in my yard.I have looked at a few spider webs that were in my basement that had the spiders lunch in it. I must agree it was beautiful but a little scary at the same time.

  7. Karol


    I love feeling the sun on my face and skin in the spring and summer. And I enjoy taking long, relaxed walks in the fall and watching the changing leaf colors, seeing birds and squirrels and other small animals in our area. I also love to sit out at night in the summer months and look up at the night sky and stars. It really is awe inspiring.

  8. Erin


    Nature is one of those things that stops you in your tracks. Rushing out the door, tea in one hand, bag balanced on shoulder, warm scarf around my neck and keys ready in the other hand. They alll float in time as I stop short, spoting the blazing sky, open my eyes a little wider and let my heart shine a little brighte. I take some deep breaths just to honor that sight. Reconnect. I gasp as the monarchs flock in the late blooming bush next door on their way south, one of the great migrations. Or as the roses remain vibrant while the sky is dark grey and spitting icy rain. Simple moments, the dog barking, ears soft and alert, all make life what it is. Thank you for reminding me of all these moments that fall has brought me. 🙂

  9. Viva


    Soooo many ways to love nature…just the latest is watching the birds still eating my sunflowers (what’s left of them). They are so ragged looking, but the birds are not deterred…they love it! As do I. Thanks for the chance!

  10. Reply

    I love just going outside for a great walk with my dogs and listening to the ocean. I walk on the ocean and the waves are big now and the seas are much angrier than they were a month ago. I can see the whitecaps. I love to see how fast the weather can change. One minute it is sunny and the next it rains. I actually saw a big rainbow that was one of the first in quite a while. I love the sea’s fresh air. Coming inside and having a great cup of tea is very refreshing and warms me up!!

  11. Kimberly


    i like to take my dogs for a walk on the nature trails. I can watch all of the squirrels gather nuts and observe all of the trees with their leaves changing colors. When we get tired, we can sit down on a bench and watch the ducks.

  12. Shawna


    I had a few friends visiting from B.C. (in Ontario) last week. Took them on a hike at the local conservation area, enjoyed the crunching of the leaves, the rushing waterfall, and then the gentle raindrops on our faces. A lovely way to reconnect with each other and nature!

  13. Terri Cole


    The other night I stepped out the door to take the garbage & recycling to the street. The fragrance of wood smoke and fallen leaves filled the air. I stopped, stood there on the stairs and just took it in. The air was so cool & crisp and the smell was like incense. Just those few moments lifted my spirits and put a smile on my face!

  14. Julia


    I thoroughly enjoyed playing in the leaves with my daughter (while wearing my sleeping son in a baby carrier). I sat in the leaves and just admired the beautiful colors of the trees.

  15. stacey h


    I live close to a bioreserve. I try to walk there everyday – it is beautiful and peaceful.
    often there are people walking their dogs and a friendly “hello” is uplifting.

  16. Nicole Sender


    I have a patio covered with potted plants and 3 mini-greenhouses. I enjoy gardening and growing flowers. The chickadees visit my yard for water and sunflowers seeds. Fuchias are still blooming and attract hummingbirds. This is my nature connection.

  17. Erika E


    I like to get up before anyone else in the house and watch the birds and squirrels in my feeders. I just sit and smile.

  18. Reply

    I love growing plants from seeds – thinkgs one might not normally grow in our climate – I have so many avicado pits sprouting in a pot it got a sign saying Carolyn’s Avacado Farm 🙂 now I am trying cotton – so excited to see what will happen

  19. Janet


    I go out for a daily walk Most times to the park Its remarkable what you see out of you’re eyes each day.
    the Birds singing.
    Most times I pick up Tim Hortons to Go !! And enjoy the beauty of my saroundings:)
    Life is Good.
    Enjoy it

  20. Raymond


    I enjoy taking a morning stroll at the crack of dawn and listening to the birds chirp their morning song and hear the wind whistle through the leaves of the trees as the sun is arising!

  21. gracie


    There is a playground on 1 of our local beaches. The swing set is right on the sand. There is absolutely nothing more relaxing, awe inspiring, meditative, or just plain ol’ soul forgiveness than swinging on the beach looking out to the ocean. It could be rain, fog or the sunniest day of the year.

  22. Renata


    My favorite nature excursion is experiencing the warm beauty of the ocean and hearing the gentle waves of the surf wash upon the sandy shore in a rhythmic motion! I love the feeling of the sand squishing between my toes as I walk with the waves washing away my trail of footprints!

  23. Danelle Kurtz


    On warm mornings, I like to sit with my kids on our porch swing and watch the day begin! We watch the sun rise, listen to the birds chirp, and breathe in the fresh, morning air.

  24. Sarah B.


    We love to enjoy nature by going on hikes but the most important part of the hike is getting muddy and jumping in the puddles! We connect with nature by getting covered in it!

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