We would like to advise that we are recommending that lids of new Libre glass’n poly glasses be soaked in boiling water for 10 minutes only before first use. This is a temporary situation with new lids now being made.

Recent research advised a very small trace of BPA upon first use only. This is not a health concern.

The level found was more than 2000 times less than the Canadian daily allowable intake of BPA. A full notice with more details is available here Notice to libre customers.

Although it is a very small trace amount and only on first use, we wanted to communicate our findings.

We recommend that retailers place a sticker on the top of the Libre box advising to soak 10 minutes in boiling water before first use and we are communicating with our retailers now.

We regret this inconvenience and do appreciate your understanding.

New lids will be available in June – please contact us at info@libretea.com for further information.

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