Libre Tea loves to inspire tea moments, especially tea moments on-the-go!

We are often asked if we have or know where you can get a Libre Tea Glass Holder. Until, now, the answer has always been no 🙁

AND NOW, Announcing Libre tea glass ‘on the go’ Holders – 6 patterns of love.

For all you crafty Libre Lovers here are 6 crochet patterns that can be made to fit both Libre tea glass Larges and Originals. Pick your pattern and use your imagination to change the colours to make your own unique Libre Glass Cover!

Loopy Loops Cover         Granny Square Cover      Triple Cross CoverLoopy Loops Cover Lime Granny Square Cover Tripple X cover

2 X 3 Squared Cover        Twisted Left Cover         ‘V’ Patch Cover
2 X 3 Squared Cover Twisted Left Cover V Cover

All ©LibreTea crochet patterns are FREE for you to use, and share with friends, family and crafting communities. We’d love if you’d share these free patterns and ask that you do not sell the patterns.

And we’d love your suggestions for who and what communities would love to hear about this. Please let us know – reply now with your ideas 🙂

To start this off and give ideas, we’ve decided to utilize our cover samples (created by a brilliant Libre staffer) for fundraising. We’ve made up some holders in bright colours above and will start a Facebook Silent Auction on Monday October 20th.

So whats the story? …. We are excited to support an innovative global project inspired in collaboration with our Libre Leading Light Sarah Jamieson. She wants to run a marathon on every continent.. yes you heard correctly 😉

Raise a runnerOn November 9th, 2014 Libre Leading Light Sarah Jamieson will run the “marathon of peace” supporting the health and dreams of our young female leaders. In the spirit of global connection RUN4ACAUSE, Passion Foundation & The Beirut Marathon Association have teamed up to bring Passion Foundation’s Global Sorority initiative to 40 young girls in Vancouver, BC and in Beirut, Lebanon – leadership training and connecting young women together in cultural exchange. This Marathon of Peace is the backdrop and provides an avenue for young leaders to create partnerships for change in our world.

On Monday October 20th we will publish a Facebook ‘Passion for Peace’ photo album that includes a photo of each Libre Tea Glass Cover that will be ‘up for bidding’ til the marathon on Nov 9.

Please take a look and post a bid on a Libre tea glass holder. Highest bidder wins and all proceeds will go towards the above Run4aCause project. (Open to Canada and the United States).

 Share with us which Libre Tea Glass Cover is your fave and where you’d like us to share these patterns for a chance to win a Libre Life Tea Glass of your choice.




Comments (39)

  1. Susie Wilkinson


    My favourite is the Triple Cross Cover, I think the patterns would do well on

  2. Amanda Alvarado


    I like the ‘V’ Patch Cover and the Triple Cross Cover. You should share these on Pinterest or even just here on your website!

  3. n.cassandra smith


    I like the V Patch cover, it makes me wish that I knew how to crochet without getting my thumbs all tangled up 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. Jill B


    I love them all, but I think I like the ‘V’ Patch cover the best and I think you should share them everywhere you can!

  5. Marygrace


    I adore them all, my fave is Loopy Loop core, I love the colors. I wish I could do this. You could share this on Tumbler, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest would eat this up!

  6. Mary Bearden


    I have two that I like the best, Triple Cross Cover and V Patch Cover. But, I would really be happy with any of them! They look amazing.

  7. Tara Gauthier


    I like the loopy loops cover, I think you should share them on pinterest for sure!

  8. stacey h


    what a great idea!!!
    i really like the V patch cover – i will be bidding since my crochet skill is nonexistent.

  9. Melinda L.


    Love the Triple Cross Cover. I think you should put it on instagram, pinterest and twitter

  10. Christina


    I like most of them but the 2×3 square is probably my favorite. Pinterest is the hot spot right now.

  11. Valarie Lee Gentry


    I LOVE the 2 X 3 Squared Cover in the Multi Color!! So cute!! I think you should share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, and LinkedIn!

  12. Mippy/Sabrina


    My favorite is the Granny Square Cover and I will share the patterns with all my crafty friends! 😀 Thank you so much! 🙂

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