Ashley at the Unintentional Vegan says, ‘I would definitely recommend buying this for anyone on your gift list that loves tea.’

Opinions of a Moody Mommy says she highly recommends the Libre Tea Glass to any tea lover! It is an awesome way to take your tea anywhere that you need to go!’

Luxual calls the Libre ‘functional, sleek, portable, easy to use!

Carolyn from Mommy Ramblings says her daughter ‘thinks it is the greatest thing and loves that she has a way to brew and go with her tea.’

Dina over at Just Another New Blog says, with the Libre Mug, she likes to ‘keep my tea right next to my laptop as I work, and not worry about spills or damaged furniture and equipment.’

Rachel at Texas Kitchen says, ‘I love the way you can make your tea on the go with Libre.’

Christina’s Voice wrote ‘If you’re a tea drinker then you should have this mug. its huge, nice, big and easy to use.’

Jamaise from Wishing Penny loves the Libre Mug. She says she kept thinking, ‘I’m so glad they made this’ the whole time she was using it.

Rita from One 2 Try says, ‘Libre is making it a breeze to steep then drink your loose leaf tea anytime anywhere.’

Sweeps4Bloggers says, ‘Libre Tea brings convenience to loose tea!’

Talking Mom Cents says,’ Libre glass ‘n poly tea glasses are an ingenious way to enjoy loose leaf teas ‘on the go’, and to sneak in a break during a busy day!’

Rachael from Passing Daisies says the Libre Tea Original glass ‘n poly is ‘Awesome! And very easy to use.’

My Springfield Mommy says, ‘I think the Libre Loose Leaf Tea Glass would be a great addition to any tea lovers home.’

Danielle from A Delicious Obsession says Libre Tea glasses ‘makes making tea while traveling or at work so much easier.’

Did you know Canada? Says, ‘Libre Tea glasses are for every tea drinker, with their loose leaf tea infuser it makes a perfect cup every time.’

Today’s Woman Blog says the Libre is ‘happily affordable, cheerfully quick and simply bliss- it’s Libre.’

Jason from Walker Tea Review checked out the Libre Large tea glass and our Ming Mei green tea. You can watch his video here.

Tales of a Ranting Ginger says, ‘This tea glass is beautiful and quite light compared to other mugs. I love the design on the lid too.’

Stacey from Not Just Baby Brain says, ‘I have a fairly new-found love of loose leaf tea and the Libre tea glass’n poly Mug is a great way for me to enjoy my tea on the go!

Mary Mazzoni wrote on Earth 911, ‘Give the gift of relaxation to a loved one who’s always on the move.’

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