Colorful Canary says Libres are ‘ Not just for tea…I love spiced organic hot chocolate in my Libre Tea Glass.

Vegie Gail over at the Hungry Vegan says the Libre Tea Glass is ‘lightweight, durable, practical, and beautiful. More than six months later, I am still madly in love with mine, and I rarely drink tea from a cup or a mug.’

Little Yellow Teapot, leader of the Tea Gang, supervised while the Libre Large steeped Peach Passion Oolong from The Boston Tea Co. He says, ‘My buddy and fellow Tea Gang founding member Libre Tea Steeping Mug did the honors this time, and two steepings were done, giving your extra value for your tea dollars.

Lauren from Two Classy Chics says, ‘Any of the Libre tea glasses would make a great gift (thinking about the holidays!) for any tea drinker in your life, or maybe you are the tea drinker who could benefit from having a Tea Moment with your Libre tea glass. This glass can be used with loose, or bagged teas. It is versatile and can be taken with you to have tea anywhere.’

Christin at ABCD Diaries gives the Libre Tea Glass an A+! She says, ‘What a beautiful way to take your tea with you and enjoy it wherever you like.’

The Spa Buzz has checked out our Libre and say, ‘One look at this glass and I was hooked; one use and I was double hooked.’

Tammy from Tammy Two Cents says, ‘A month ago I found about the Libre Loose Leaf Tea containers and mugs.   These are very high quality…best I have ever seen!’

Jaime from An Optimistic Beauty say, ‘I absolutely adore mine to pieces – best invention in the history of ever!

Mary from Mary’s Cup of Tea suggests you ‘check out the health benefits of tea on this page of Libre’s website.’

Menopausal New Mom says, ‘Thanks to Libre Tea, I can now enjoy a hot, refreshing cup of tea anytime and anywhere, at home or “on the go”.

Rachel from Titus 2 Homemaker says, ‘This tea glass is a wonderful invention!  Although you can, obviously, use it at home, it’s designed especially to make it easy to drink loose leaf tea on the go.’

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