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Julia from Natural Life Mom says, “Although I have mostly spoken to it’s use for hot loose leaf tea, the Libre Tea Glass is definitely not limited to just that! Any hot beverage (think hot chocolate, lattes, coffee, chai, etc) can be enjoyed in the Libre Tea Glass.”

Kayla from I Heart Giveaways suggests giving a Libre Tea glass to “someone who has recently switched to tea (or wants to find a healthier beverage to drink.”

Brittleby's Corner

Brittney from Brittlebys  Corner says, “I am a huge fan of Libre glasses as well as loose leaf tea. I have gotten so many compliments on my Libre glasses; they are definitely an eye catcher.”

Networking Witches Reviews Giveaways & Gift Guides

Networking Witches like using their Libre Tea glass, “I like so much about this tea travel mug that I don’t want to leave anything out. First, I was worried that when I filled it, it would be too hot to carry, it’s not. It fits perfectly in my car’s beverage holder.”

Stacey from Did You Know Canada says Libre Tea glass doesn’t “have to really be on the go – this glass is also perfect for the home, at the office, anywhere, because it’s so easy to use and keeps your tea HOT.”

Glenda from Mommies Point of View says, “I have one of their mugs and I love it. It is the only glass I ever use.” 

hi-key-collectionTina over at Giving n Sharing says, “I’ve been using Libre Tea Mugs for about 2 years now and I love how I can have a soothing cup of tea with either Loose Tea or by using my favorite Green Tea from Celestial Seasonings.”


Amy from Savvy Saving Couple says this about her Libre Mug, “This was exactly what I needed to prevent my tea from tipping over, plus the handle was ideal!”

Olivia from ‘This West Coast Mommy’ likes her Libre Original saying it “fits perfectly in my car’s cup holder and in my purse. Yeah, you heard read me correctly – I can carry my tea glass in my purse! No leaks!

Kerrie from Family Food and Travel loves her Libre saying “every time I use mine people ask me where I got it.  Libre Tea glasses are truly fantastic for any tea lover on your Holiday list.”

Becky from Purposeful Homemaking says the Libre Original is “a great fit in my stroller which is the perfect way to help warm up on brisk walk during this time of year.”

Today's Woman Community

Rose from Today’s Woman Blog says, “I use my Libre daily as I run between lecture to the city bus and train. Libre makes earlier mornings just a tad more bearable knowing that my tea will be with me throughout the day.”



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