We survived the first week of back to school and fall routines with pickups, drop-offs, figuring out which fall activities to take part in, and so on. LibreTea encourages you to take time for you; time to nurture your soul by taking mini-moments.

How do we fit these nurturing mini-moments into our hectic lives? By taking a 10 minute mini-break or two throughout your day, doing something you enjoy or rest and relax in the stillness.

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer’s day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time. John Lubbock 

There are many ways to squeeze in some nurturing mini-moments throughout the day. You might like to make yourself a cup of tea and find a quiet spot to spend a few minutes daydreaming, do some yoga stretching for those stiff muscles from a long day, read a chapter from your favourite book, listen to some relaxing music or watch a nature meditation video…


Another idea is to stop the car on the way from here to there and take a 10 minute walk in a place you’ve always driven by, get off the bus a few stops early so you can enjoy ‘you’ time before heading in the front door.

The ideas for nurturing relaxing mini-moments are endless and it may take a little time to find which ones work best for you.

Bring your LibreTea glass with you throughout your day so you are always ready to have a break, have a nurturing tea moment!

Share with us your favourite mini-moment this week for a chance to win a Libre Tea infuser!


Congratulations to David the winner of the Labour Day Giveaway!

Comments (24)

  1. PeleeFarmer


    Mini head-on-desk “nap” moment in my grade school classroom at lunch time today. Of course I did not sleep, but hit the “pause” button for a few minutes. Ahhh.

  2. Melissa


    Working in a busy hospital, taking care of others sometimes we forget about ourselves. Today I remembered that I needed to nuture my soul so that I had the strength and energy to look after others. 10 mins sipping my favourite tea energized me for the rest of my day. Like a quick vacation, refreshed and ready for the world.

  3. loriag


    My mini moment this last week was sitting outside on the front deck enjoying the last bit of warmth before fall really sets in.

  4. susan smoaks


    That moment before bed on Sunday night when I realize that the weekend is over and I am going back to work tomorrow.

  5. Wanda


    My mini moment this week was going for a short walk with a friend at work during our lunch break.

  6. Vilma Pacheco


    My mini moment this week was to visit with my friend for a lazy afternoon of female chit-chat along with a nice Libre mug of relaxing tea.

  7. Vita


    I like to have a quick call with my friend or sister when I have a chance as a way to calm myself down and keep my relationships strong.

  8. Heidi C.


    I try to take a few minutes after all the kids are tucked in bed and everything is tidied up and organized for the next day to sit down with a soothing cup of tea and a good book to enjoy some “me-time”.

  9. Lynne Z


    My afternoon break with a short walk outside and then sitting down with a hot cup of tea

  10. Nicole Sender


    I like the thought, “Rest is not idleness.” I walk though the garden and become relaxed and revived!

  11. Myrna Ingram


    My favourite moment was today, relaxing after lunch watching my gr-grandchildren playing.

  12. Karol


    A relaxing 10 minute walk in the summer evening, by myself, just enjoying the weather, the scent of mown grass and flowers, taking deep breaths and relaxing.

  13. pamela james


    My mini-moment was watching a group of cardinals eating berries in a tree outside my window.

  14. lynn cook


    sitting on the front porch at the crack of dawn watching the sun come up, there is nothing more beautiful

  15. Liz Buck


    My favorite mini-moment is when I get to take a bath with my favorite cup of tea and good book to sink my teeth into. Other then the hour I am in the bath a couple of times a week my life is non-stop go so I live for the moment when I can excuse myself and get my relaxation in 🙂

  16. Ann Maria Mattila


    Lying in bed early this morning, listening to the rain falling…blessed relief after one of the driest summers I can remember…that’s my mini-moment of the week. 🙂

  17. Colleen Crawford


    My mini moment, was spending time with my mom and our family dog out in the country buying local apples and a fall mum.

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