Last week we talked about ‘alone’ time for tea moments. Another way of reflecting is through observing – observing all – being connected to all through relaxed attentive watching.

Tea moments give you the perfect opportunity to sit back and truly observe your surroundings. Why is this important? You are giving your mind and your eyes something different to focus on. Changing your focus for a few moments allows your thoughts to simmer and recharge. We have all heard the old saying; a change is as good as a rest.

While you are sipping your tea observe those around the office – writing, working on the computer, talking on the phone. You’ll notice individual clothing styles, expressions, sounds, odours, etc.    

Another great place to have a cup of leaf tea in your Libre and observe is at café, mall or on a bus – take your tea to go. Allow your mind to see all and enjoy the nuances )

Observe your Surroundings & Reflectobserve your surroundings on the ttc

  • What do you reflect on?
  • What do you notice?
  • What images attract you?
  • Who and how are the people around you?
  • Do they like crafts?…:) and on, and on
  • Relaxing


Try out this video now (Sonia Gil’s ‘People Watching’ at a Café in Paris) for people watching how many different images do you notice – and now watch again.


Enjoy your tea moment and observe. Comment on what you love to observe and why – share here for one our feature teas this week.


Observations often tell you more about the observer than the observed.” 
― Chris Geiger


The more we practice our observation skills the better we become in solving our own everyday challenges.


Here are a few teas to enjoy in your Libre Tea Mug while you observe your surrounds:

Oriental Beauty from Mad Monk Tea

King’s Jasmine Pearls from King’s Zen Tea

Eloise Pumpkin Spice from Banff Tea


Congratulations to Katrina D who won last week’s giveaway – $25 of Tea from the Tea Gallerie.


For more info on observing your surrounds:

Developing your Meditation Tools

Design Thinking and Three Ways to Improve Our Observation Skills

Comments (18)

  1. stacy hancock


    I like to observe children and their parents- I get some great ideas and reminders of how I want to parent from them.

  2. Reply

    Sometimes when I take my kids to the park, I love to observe the whole playground: kids playing together, animals, etc. I love sitting back and watching my kids interact with each other and other kids!

  3. Olivia Rubin


    I am definitely a people watcher. I observe how they interact with strangers, such as if they will hold open the door or are they so engrossed in telephone conversation, that they dont even realize they just shut the door in someone’s face.
    Or I like to watch and observe the birds and all the food they come down to eat in outside plazas.

  4. Kris


    I love watching the cats around the house, or the birds playing with each other in their cage – or the hamster hang from the top of her cage

  5. Terri Betz


    I love to sit outside with my tea. We have an open loch in front and I take my steamy cup and sit and look up and out at the tall Doug Firs…..they dance you know! So calming and exciting at the same time.

  6. Raquel


    I enjoy observing how people relate to others in different settings (e.g. on an airplane, at the park, waiting at the doctor’s office), as well as picking up on regional differences if I am outside my home province. It is also interesting to see how technology has changed things in the last few years. Many people do not just sit and take in their surroundings…they are glued to a screen.

  7. Mike Davis


    people watching is one thing,its always interesting. I really enjoy watching my kids playing ,or swimming.But my favorite time of the day or night, is sitting out on the garden swing with my tea of the moment–watching the grass grow,the leaves,turning to colors now,or just watching the fire and listening to the dogs barking in the neighborhood, or the squirrels chasing each other. Its my favorite time of the day, it really makes me relax.–Thanks for asking

  8. Kimberly B.


    I like to observe the dogs and their owners at the dog park. So many different types of dogs and owner personalities. Yet they share one thing; the dog and human bond.

  9. Reply

    My favourite muse is to watch trees. I have a wonderful window at work where each time I lift my eyes up from the keyboard I see a beautiful visa of Trees. I love to see the changes of seasons on them. Trees never fail me!

  10. Jillian


    I love to sit at a sidewalk cafe and watch the people walking past and the beautiful fall weather. Nothing could be better.

  11. Ray S


    I enjoy waking up in the morning sipping a freshly brewed hot cup of tea awakening my senses as I read the newspaper. Thanks!

  12. Ryan Louise


    I love to observe nature in it’s glory. When you sit outside with a cup of tea, maybe in a park. Under a tree or on a bench-you have the time to reflect on how beautiful everything still is. It’s the simplest things like watching the clouds making shapes, or how long it takes to watch a single leaf drop.

  13. Renata S


    I love listening to the birds chirp and hear the sounds of nature on the lake as I enjoy a cup of tea sipping it slowly taking in all my surroundings! 🙂

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