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Margaret from Frugal Shopping says, “I choose the mug for myself because it looks nice. I think it works great and it does keep my tea warm for quite a while. I have received many compliments from friends and family. I am very happy to have an easier way to use and drink my loose leaf tea.”

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This is what Networking Witches had to say about the Libre Original, “It fits perfectly in my car’s beverage holder. Tea can be brewed in the top or in the bottom and strained as you drink it. I like it both ways. It’s convenient for teabags and loose tea. Just fill, grab and go, for your tea moments. It’s just that easy.

Yoga Peach Keli says,Loose leaf tea is by far my favorite way to make a cup of tea. Libre Tea has made it possible to enjoy loose leaf teas on the go with their Libre Tea Mug.  If you love drinking tea and have always wanted an easier way to have your tea on the go, you will love the Libre Tea Mug.”

Hippie Housewife review picThe Hippie Housewife likes “The quality of these tea glasses is equally impressive. Despite their glass interior, the polycarbonate exterior grants them a surprising ruggedness.”

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