The Hedonistic Minimalist loves her Libre Tea glass and says, “I encourage you all to take a moment to treat yourselves with a fabulous cup of tea in a beautiful Libre Tea Glass!!”

And Her Little Dog Too

Leslie from ‘And her Little Dog Too’ says this about her Libre Large, “It’s so great to be able to throw my favorite loose leaf tea in the glass, add some hot water and head out for the day.” We love her tea pictures too! 

Tuja Wellness is loving taking their tea on the go – “Luckily, Libre Tea was clever enough to find a solution, giving us more “tea moments” in our over-packed schedules. It’s also ridiculously easy to use.”

Create With Mom likes “Using the Libre glass helps my drink stay warm, so I can sip on it slowly without worrying about it getting cold.”

The Tea Gang Explores a Singbulli Darjeeling Tea from Happy Earth Tea. Little Yellow Teapot and Steeping Glass stood by for moral support while the Libre Mug does the steeping 🙂

Chris from Dad of Divas  says, ‘Using this tea glass was easy.” of the Libre Large! He has a Libre mug too and says it has ‘a sturdy handle which makes it easy to use while you drink.”

Mary from Mary’s Cup of Tea says, “It makes good sense to take your Libre glass wherever you go and by doing so, you are helping our environment. The less mess we produce the less impact on our planet.

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