Summer’s here, let’s get on the road and enjoy our beautiful country. With the warm summer weather arriving, now is the time to plan a road trip adventure for your summer holidays.

Libre with camping gearRoad trips can be very economical on a budget. You can prepack most food and pick up perishables such as dairy products and fresh fruit along the way. Camping out under the stars at campgrounds or staying with family in the area help the budget too. If you have a few dollars to spare, why not treat yourself.  A night at a fancy hotel or some fine dining for the family may add to the road trip enjoyment.

Here are a 5 tips to help on the road trips to go smoothly:

  1. Pack for rainy days and chilly nights as well as the expected perfect weather. We all know the weather doesn’t always stick to its or our schedule. 🙂
  2. Have emergency supplies at the ready – a jack, spare tire, emergency blanket, a few energy bars, water (think Libre here 🙂 , first aid kit, cell phone to connect with family and for directions, car phone charger, a flashlight, etc. You could even pack a few lemons, freshly grated ginger and cayenne pepper to make a healing ginger lemon tea for any sore throats that might develop.
  3. Games to play in the car for the kids (and adults) and activities to help prevent the chorus of ‘are we there yet?’ Try colouring and activity books, card games (old maid, go fish, 21), car bingo, I spy, counting games (cows, red cars, signs etc.), Car Karaoke and many more.
  4. Plan your trip ahead of time. Have a map on hand in case you loose cell service. Find a good road trip app to mark the spots you’d like to stop at and stay over night at on the way to your end destination. The goal is to enjoy the road trip as well as your destination. Don’t on the road farmers market over fill your days or over tire the driver(s), make time for lots of pit stops. Bathroom and snack breaks, and spontaneous stops for sight seeing and adventure are a must. Also be sure everyone gets out of the car to stretch their legs to relieve cramping and breathe in the refreshing summer air.
  5. Take advantage of all the small farmer’s markets and fruit stands. Fresh fruits and veggies will taste delicious at the campsite.

Remember to refill your Libre glasses with fresh water at every stop!


Libre Tea and Fruit Infusers are great on the road companions!

They are perfect for any hot or cold beverage keeping them hot or cold for approximately 1.5 hours. Use your imagination to create a perfect refreshing drink – iced lattes, tea, coffee, matcha, fruit infusions, ice cream floats, beer shandy….

on the road companions

Need a little inspiration about where to travel this summer on your road trip?  Check out the 10 All American Summer Road Trips and the Top 10 Best Canadian Road Trips.

Tell us where you’d go for your summer road trip for a chance to win a Libre Infuser of your choice!



Comments (35)

  1. Kelsey


    I’ve done many road trips around Canada while growing up. The mountains feel like home, but the coast does too. From hiking the beautiful Rockies in Jasper, biking the Seawall in Vancouver, or exploring the beaches along the Cabot Trail, the Canadian landscape does not disappoint. This summer, though, I’m taking it easy and revisiting the campgrounds of Alberta that I spent many summers enjoying while I was a small child. I’m excited to step back, and remember what my home province has to offer on this summers road trip!

  2. Abigail Thomson


    I would love to use this on the many trails, parks, beaches and family trips.

  3. Tammy Kennedy


    we are making about a 3000+ mile road trip(round trip) by car
    to go pick up daughters furniture at college
    So its going to be a very long ride in car

  4. Jill Bishop


    I would take a summer road trip to Niagara Falls! I love it there and I finally have a passport, so I can actually go to the New York and Canadian sides!!

  5. Amanda Alvarado


    We are already on our road trip and we’ve already hit New Orleans, Memphis, Great Smokey Mountains, North Carolina and we are in Washington DC right now! Still have NYC, Maine, Niagra Falls and Cleveland to hit!

  6. Ruy Morris


    I’d like to drive to Yellowstone if I was taking a road trip adventure this summer.

  7. Gina Gallagher


    I would love to take a summer road trip to visit family in Wisconsin!

  8. Lori Galbraith


    I would travel West towards you folks, BC is the best and I would be on the road in a heart beat.

  9. Stephanie Uhlmann


    I’d love to road trip all the way down the east coast! It’s absolutely beautiful and lots of family on the way!

  10. jules m.


    i would love to drive along the pacific northwest coast from oregon to washington!

  11. Vernon E Warner Jr


    I would like to spend some more time out in Colorado, haven’t been there in years, but still have vivid memories of waking up every morning early, to go out, breathe in the fresh mountain air and look at those majestic peaks.

  12. Elizabeth


    I would like to drive the east coast of Newfoundland up to the Viking settlement at L’Anse Aux Meadows.

  13. Kim


    My road trip would, and hopefully will be, to New Orleans. I’ve traveled all over the country but I’ve yet to go there and it’s been my #1 place I want to visit for a lomg time. Have a happy and safe Summer everyone!

  14. Lynne


    I’d like to take a road trip from here in Southern California up along the coast, through Napa Valley and then up to Seattle

  15. Michael Moreno


    Anywhere where I’m away from the office is where I would go. Even if it’s a block away. So enjoy my relaxing time with a nice green tea with cucumber infusion.

  16. Laura K


    I am dying to take a road trip to visit Mammoth Cave in Kentucky; just need to convince my husband; he says caves are for bats! Maybe I should tell him its the REAL “batcave” and he might see Batman 🙂

  17. Reply

    I would start off in Moab because it’s one of my favorite places on earth. Then weave down through Arizona and New Mexico and head east through Texas. Ultimately landing in New Oreleans and if I didn’t fall in love there, head on to the beaches in Florida 🙂

  18. Vilma Pacheco


    Anywhere away from the Texas heat. The California coast sounds great to me.

  19. Stephanie Geates


    We’really travelling to the Okanagan Valley next month. Guaranteed lots of fruit stands and sights to see on the way. We will definitely be using these tips!

  20. Suzie B


    I would love to take a roadtrip from Manitoba down to the North Dakota badlands!

    • Cathy C.


      I will go cross country to visit with my daughter in Oakland, CA and then we would travel north to Muir Woods hiking coastal trails and camping out.

  21. Lauryn R


    I would love to take a road trip to Florida with my family! I used to live there and would love to take my husband (he’s never been) and kids! 🙂

  22. Tara Gauthier


    I want to do a loop through Jasper, down to Drumheller, through Calgary, stop in Banff then back home. We were going to take this trip but due to unforeseen expenses now don’t have the money so have put it off for next year.

  23. Katie


    There would be two places I would go for our next road trip Oregon and South Dakota. I haven’t been to Oregon but have seen some beautiful pictures of there.

  24. Jennifer


    I’d love to do a trip down highway one! Or if I’m staying more local just over to big bend and some national parks here in Texas!

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