Libre tea moments are perfect times to pause, reflect, appreciate… all that we have and can do. However, this week I was reminded that it is not always easy to appreciate all that we have and be happy.

We posted the following quote on our Facebook page:rainbow

“Happiness is a choice. You are the only person who can make you happy. You’re as happy as you choose to be.” — Rick Warren

And one of our followers shared with us that when you are struggling with a cancer diagnoses or other serious illness happiness does not come that easy.

This is so true. Depending on how we are feeling or what we are doing it can be very hard to feel appreciation for anything.

It is at these critical times even more important to pause, reflect, appreciate….

This conscious effort is well rewarded with a little lift in outlook and if practised often can create a permanent shift and habits and how we see the world.

We salute all of you with significant troubles for your efforts to practice gratitude for the small things and ask all of us to add our attitude of gratitude to this world.

Pause, Reflect, Appreciate the little – and big 🙂 things:

  • Each breathe we take is a gift
  • Our 5 senses – touch, taste, hearing, vision, smell and our 6th sense too!
  • Family and friends
  • Memories and our freedom of mind
  • Our health, even if not the best – there is always someone in worse health
  • The beauty of nature – A sunrise, sunset or rainbow
  • The roof over our head and walls that surround us
  • Coats and blankets to keep us warm these chilly nights
  • Clean water


Tea and Scotch


In Canada – Remembrance Day is this Tuesday! Libre would like to encourage you to take the time to pause and give thanks for all those who have given so much to secure our freedom.




Our lives are so busy that sometimes it’s a good idea to set a time to appreciate all that we have; tea moments, before eating, bedtime…

When is a good time for you to pause & appreciate all that you have?
What are the small things that are big for you 🙂 ?
Share with us for a chance to win a Libre Life tea glass of your choice!

Comments (31)

  1. leslie twining


    After my kids go to bed, and all is quiet – I appreciate the day we had and watching them grow

  2. KittyPride


    Looking out the window at nature and all the daily beauty that is on display, breathing in the wonder

  3. karen


    Taking a walk outside and enjoying the sunshine shining down and listening to the birds singing.

  4. Dawn


    I loved this post! I have recently gotten a second chance at life and have greater appreciation for even the simplest of things. When frustrated or overcome with stress is the perfect time for me to pause and appreciate all the good things in my life. It is like a reboot and gives me the strength and will to carry on in trying times. The small things that bring me the most joy include all the things listed in the post as well as: spending time with my kitty, volunteering at the animal shelter, talking & joking with my husband, and taking time out to reflect and appreciate all the goodness around me with a warm cup of tea in my hands.

  5. loriag


    When is a good time for you to pause & appreciate all that you have? Every morning when I wake up and every night when I go to bed. Throughout the day, we have so much.
    What are the small things that are big for you 🙂 ?
    I find it is the small things that are big, taking the time to stop and appreciate a moment, anything you are thankful for, from that first glass of tea in the morning, to your child’s smile.

  6. Karen


    When my husband makes the bed while I’m in the shower. When my family phones me on my birthday. Good books. Thanks for the contest.

  7. Laura K


    listening to my cats’ purr, what a beautiful creature and sound of contentment; sitting in a rocking chair no my front porch sipping tea (even in cooler temps, I just bundle up or grab a throw) and watch the birds flying around and leaves falling down; or when it’s really cold, starting a fire in my old wood stove in the basement, listening to a crackling fire makes me warm inside and out

  8. jennifer pickett


    I like to pause & appreciate all that I have after I wake up but before I get out of bed. My dog lying next to me, my niece telling me she loves me, a friend calling to check in on me, the sound of the rain at night, the sight of a bald eagle or a humming bird… small things, but important to me.

  9. Raine


    I feel I’ve gotten in a good habit of pausing and reflecting whenever I’m feeling sorry for myself about the state of my life. It’s a long story but to summarize I met a young child with a terminal illness some years ago with an amazing cheerful and positive attitude despite being quite aware of her situation and obviously the pain and suffering of the disease. There’s many more details but when I ‘poor me’ I always remember her and think of how lucky I truly am and that my obstacles aren’t anything in comparison. Just last week though my mom’s 14 year old cat had to be put to sleep, we’re a close family so I was devastated also. Days went by and all I felt was sadness and even anger but my mom grieved by appreciating all of the years she had with him and the wonderful memories. My apologies for rambling, thank you for the post, I hope people on your Remembrance Day are able to think of the good memories and smile about how proud people have made them that are no longer with them.

  10. Cynthia


    I sit and have a cup of tea when I get home from work. I need quiet time after being with people all day.

  11. Vernon E. Warner Jr


    I have some physical disabilities due to a couple of accidents, so everyday I take time in the morning when I wake up and in the evening before retiring, to relax, contemplate, meditate, pray and be thankful for making it through everything and to be grateful for every day, everything i have and everyone I meet.

  12. Charlie


    I appreciate my patients sharing with me their concerns, troubles, feelings and the compassion & awe I feel for each of them with their strength and resilience while facing their challenges to heal themselves and being part of their healing process, this brings so much joy and gratitude to my heart.

  13. Amanda Alvarado


    For me it is at dinner time when everyone is at the same place at the same time. We have so much going on that it’s usually the only time we are all together and talking! My small thing that is big is watching my children learn new things, be it a new word that she’s learned to spell on her own or my son learning a valuable life lesson (I have a 14 year gap between them).

  14. Terri Cole


    There’s an old saying that I like to quote: “Every day above ground is a good day”. So, I like to take stock at the end of the day, and say to myself “I’m still here”. And I’m grateful for that!

  15. Susie Wilkinson


    Any free moment is a good time to reflect on our blessings, the small things for me are being able to get home from work, sit down with a cuppa and have my dog come up for cuddles <3

  16. Mippy/Sabrina


    Honestly, the best time for me to pause, reflect and appreciate is when I am *not* feeling very grateful. that is the time I need to do it most. I try to find many times throughout the day to be thankful and grateful for the many things I enjoy but as I am human I could *make* more time to be thankful. The small things that are big for me are smiles, laughter and a beautiful day. It’s the simple things that truly make for a lovely day. 🙂

  17. ameirah


    every time i peek in at my toddler & my man when they are playing, smiling & laughing, every time i know that it was best decision ever & love it every time..

  18. James Jun Cubelo


    everyday exactly 6:00 pm, when i already got home. I prepared my favorite green tea with a touch of honey. while sipping and enjoying it’s great taste, i love playing flashbacks about my achievements in life to conquer tiredness and just enjoy the moment while watching the hamming birds in our backyard.

  19. Brenda Penton


    My kids giving me a random hug or telling me how much they love me. This means a lot to me since I didn’t have a good relationship with my mom and always vowed to be different.

  20. Michelle Santschi


    I like to pause and reflect through prayer: thanking God first thing in the morning, throughout the day, and lying in bed at night. I also like to journal. And while walking in nature. When itse cold out, like it’s startingto be now, I am grateful for my warm house and dry clothes and food that I can eat whenever I’m hungry. It’s easy to pause and reflect when I look st my daughter – sometimes when she’s doing something I just look at her face. And a little thing: snuggling in bed with her every morning (and Daddy too if we wake up before he leaves for work!)

  21. Amy C.


    I like to pause and pray with my kids at bedtime. It’s a quiet time to reflect on all our blessings and pray for others in need.

  22. Lisa Beech


    The best time for me to pause and to reflect is when I am driving alone. I bring my glass of hot tea – must be glass or meh and then I turn off the radio and I talk to God – I share my thoughts and clear my head of the static. I focus on what I am grateful for even in the midst of turmoil. The good is there. Sometimes you just have to look really hard and admit disappointment. I am always filled with gladness when I remember my family and my friends and that they love me and that I have the change each and everyday to give my love to them.

  23. Becca Z


    When I am driving alone I make mental lists of things I am grateful for, I am not a journal or list type person. The small things that are big for me are usually found in nature.

  24. Dee Schwark


    Each evening I have a cup of tea and reflect on my day. I choose 5 things I am grateful for that day. Sometimes it’s hard to find 5 things and others I list so many more. The small things that are big for me are spending a few precious moments with my son. His work takes him away from home sometimes for months and others for a week at a time, coming home for weekends. This means he’s only home for a full day before having to return. That 15 mins I get is so very precious and I treasure them..

  25. marci


    I love to take tea to the woods where I find a nice spot to sit and commune with mother nature….taking along some fauna friendly treats for the local residents always brings a delightful encounter. Some say there is too much ‘quiet’ in the woods but I disagree….there is a symphony all around from the chirpings of the birds to the rustle of the squirrels, the babbling of the brook and the wind in the trees singing a song of love and life…..take your tea to the woods next time and enjoy the experience of ‘quiet and plentitude’…..Namaste’

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