Time to award our 6 Peace for Passion silent auction winners – they were the top bids for our handmade crochet Libre tea glass holders.

Loopy Loops CoverRaising a total of $140 for this wonderful cause!

You may remember our initiative –

Libre Leading Light Sarah Jamieson’s #RUN4ACAUSE with Global Sorority and Passion Foundation went to Beirut and presented 26 young girls from 2 schools with the leadership training using  – the “Elements of Success.”



They all agreed on these fundamental Community Rules

– the world would be a better place if we could all commit to these values:
Understanding each other                      Acceptance
Good Communications                            Compromising
Tolerance                                                      Respect
Sharing                                                          Supporive

A journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step…

beirut marathon collague

Here is Sarah’s introduction (click on picture below) about how this 10 year Run4acause project began… and why the Beirut Marathon and the Beirut Marathon Association is her Finale event and why Passion Foundation is so integral to our global community towards liberating women and girls to be leaders in their own lives.

Sarah Jamieson


“Lebanon has had a re birth. Lebanon has a beautiful complexity to it. You will find a people who fight to be free, to push the envelope so everyone man and woman can have equal rights….” To read Sarah’s complete insightful quote please click here.

Here are the Top bidders for the Peace for Passion Silent Auction:

Leah Goard – Loopy Loops Libre Cover
Sabrina Mippy Templin – Triple Cross Libre Cover
Erin Whalen – Twisted Left Libre Cover
Alexandra Anglin – ‘V’ Patch Libre Cover
Tanis Frame – 2×3 Squared Libre Cover
Wendy Weir – Granny Square Libre Cover


What’s your big goal – your inspiration for the long run?
Share with us for a chance to win a Libre Tea glass of your choice!

Comments (6)

  1. Laura K


    my big goal is that when I leave this world I will have made a positive difference to a few people and/or animals; I also hope that I will have made the least negative impact on our beautiful earth as possible…..I strive to “walk lightly” and “act kindly” I guess my main inspiration is my nephews and my precious niece who was born just last week. I just want them to have wonderful lives and to live in a world of less pollution, less crime and hate, and more love and beauty.

  2. Jenna D


    couldn’t agree more with Laura K – I hope to be able in some small way to reach others and to inspire them to live a lifestyle that reduces their eco-footprint, especially when it comes to disposable items. Not only are their resuable counterparts more sound choices for the environment, they are often better for our health, less expensive overall, and give you an opportunity to support small businesses rather than enormous corporations.
    We only have one Earth, after all 🙂

  3. Amanda Alvarado


    My goal is to raise my children to be productive, happy adults that will be Eco-conscious and will do their part in helping this world be a healthier, cleaner place to live.

  4. Mei


    My goal is to do something meaningful and worthwhile for the society and my community. Some day, I’d like to travel abroad and volunteer at the same time.

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