It is with great gratitude that we have found a global impact organization to partner with and contribute to greening our planet.

As of November 1, 2019, for every Libre sold, a tree will be planted, poverty reduced, and environmental resiliency improved.
We have partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects to achieve this goal. It brings us a lot of heart happiness to share in a project that has a deep meaning to so many people and a positive outcome for our earth.


Eden Reforestation Projects (Eden) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission committed to alleviating extreme poverty and restoring healthy forests in Haiti, Madagascar, and Nepal by employing local villagers to plant over a million trees each month.

The lives of Eden’s employees are transformed by having a fair and dependable income to support themselves and their children. They are:

  • sending their children to school,
  • able to afford good food and medical care,
  • being freed from debt, labor and sex slavery,
  • experiencing sustainable farming and fishing as their land, villages and local economies are restored to health.

And for every single Libre purchased, one tree will be planted.


Eden Reforestation Projects is a 501c3 non-profit whose mission is to provide fair wage employment to impoverished villagers as agents of global forest restoration. We hire the poorest of the poor to grow, plant, and guard to maturity native species forest on a massive scale. Our “employ to plant methodology” results in a multiplication of positive socio-economic and environment measures.


By the year 2025 our objective is to plant a minimum of 500 million trees each year and to offer hope through the employment of tens of thousands of people in countries where extreme poverty is rampant.

By keeping our overhead costs low, we are now recognized as one of the most cost-effective reforestation projects on the planet.  While our primary goal is to lift people out of extreme poverty, we have also become a model for environmental restoration and land management.

A little history

Eden Reforestation Projects’ concept began in Ethiopia in 2004 under the leadership of Dr. Stephen Fitch. The product of an aid worker upbringing, Dr. Stephen Fitch had grown up in a “third world culture” in the Philippines and understood the dynamics of poverty that can easily overtake and destroy peoples’ lives. While in Ethiopia, Dr. Fitch witnessed villages that had been decimated by deforestation. Many of the villagers, who had been raised over many generations in these areas, were now being threatened with relocation to refugee camps following radical deforestation. “Eden Reforestation Projects” was launched in order to attempt to reverse environmental devastation that negatively impacted families and local culture.

Now, as a non-profit in the US, and functioning with I-NGO status within our project nations, Eden Reforestation Projects is now successfully reducing extreme poverty and restoring healthy forests.  Since it began in Ethiopia Eden has expanded into Madagascar in 2007, Haiti in 2010, Nepal in 2015, Indonesia in 2017, and Mozambique in 2018. Eden remains committed to employing thousands of local villagers who plant healthy forests systems for as little as 10¢ per tree. Since 2005, Eden has successfully employed over 3,500 full and partial season village workers, and by our thirteenth year (2018) we had planted over 200,000,000 trees! Our Objective, which we hope to achieve by the year 2025, is to plant a minimum of 500 million trees each year and to offer a life transforming wage to tens of thousands of villagers in countries where poverty is rampant.

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