One of our pals was kind enough to mention our 20% off sale on  For those of you that don’t know, Red Flag Deals is Canada’s “bargain hunting community.”  You can log on to find great deals everyday.  There’s also a serious amount of feedback on almost every entry.  Red Flaggers help each other out and they’re very keen shoppers.  It is truly an honor to have been mentioned on the site.  

We’ve received a lot of traffic from Richard’s kind words, so thank you, Richard.    Here’s what he had to say about the Libre sale (and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves):

“Libre Tea is having a 20% sale for their Glass ‘n Poly travel tea glass. The regular price for one is $24 US plus shipping and handling. With the 20% off discount, it’s only $19.20 US plus shipping and handling. If you buy 3, S+H is free! The offer is supposed to end November 30, 2009.

Just go to the website,, order them and use the code “give now”. They are a local BC firm so let’s buy Canadian!

What’s a Libre Tea-To-Go glass? 

It’s fancy tea glass that allows you to have a cleaner experience with loose leaf tea. I’ve got one myself – of course, being me, I brought it a few days ago at the regular price…  Great glass and I use it every day ! See…-glass-808379/. Review…-glass-review/

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