Reflect over the past month and review what went well and what needs to be tweaked. Have you kept yourself nourished with mini-moments?

Take time for a cup of tea, sit down and reflect over the past month…

  • How were your days, were they rushed & hectic, or relaxed and reenergized with your mini-moments taking time to reflect for mini-momentsor somewhere in between?
  • Think about special events, accomplishments or challenges – how did you handle them, did they have a positive outcome, what do you know now that will make things easier next time they happen.
  • How did your new time saving ideas work? Which ones didn’t?
  • Did you contemplate or start any new projects for the Holidays? Find some great recipes or patterns that you’d forgotten about, but are now ready to begin.

While going over the days and events of September reflect and see with clarity – the opportunity for more relaxing mini-moments.

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Finding time for reflective and renewing mini-moments can be difficult but they can make such a difference to you and those around you.

Libre Tea Moments are a delightful way to have mini-moments! Personally I like to watch relaxing videos on YouTube or Ellen clips to make me smile during my tea moments! Make yourself your favourite tea in your Libre Tea glass and sit back and relax.

Share with us your favourite tea that you enjoy during your mini-moments for a chance to win a Libre Tea infuser!

Comments (20)

  1. Mary


    I love to relax with some Silverneedle Chinese white tea, especially in the evening. It has a very delicate and complex taste. Perfect for a quiet moment.

  2. Vilma Pacheco


    My relaxing time is around 3:00 pm before I start preparing dinner with some Chai tea when I’m still alone before the family comes home and can enjoy some quiet time

  3. loriag


    My relaxing time comes larer in he evening, when I can surf the net and enjoy some green tea.

  4. Merry Merino


    Lady Grey. I picked up this wonderful Earl Grey Blue Lady at Cardew’s when I was last in Oxford, and even though I thought I was crazy to pick up 500mg at the time, it has been totally worth it. Perfect for every occasion from wake me up in the morning to settle in with a good book.

  5. Maryann D.


    My relaxing time is in the early morning hours when I am up before the rest of the house. I just enjoy a cup of black or chai tea with vanilla soy milk.

  6. Analisa M


    My favorite everyday tea is Dragon Pearl Jasmine with a pinch of dried spearmint leaves and a couple of drops of agave syrup. I find it very smoothing.

    What is most comforting is my Libre Tea glass infuser. I watch the pearls open up and swirl around while it brews. So calming!

  7. Dorothy Teel


    I love a cool glass of iced orange pekoe with lemon at at times a sprig of mint if I have it on had and a splash of nutmeg makes it yummy.

  8. Lynne Z


    I enjoy my mini moments with my newest favorite tea named Chateau Blanc, a flavored white tea

  9. Kimberly


    I enjoy oolong tea in the afternoon in front of the fireplace while reading my favorite book.

  10. Charlotte R


    I like Tazo’s organic green tea when I need a small boost of caffeine with a calm warm beverage.

  11. Julie


    I drink Genmaicha Green tea. I enjoy it most when at the dog park with my Boston Terrier. We go everyday since the neighborhood I lived in installed it a few months ago.

    Sometimes when I feel a little crazy I will sweeten it with honey.

  12. Mandy Ewest


    Mid morning break drinking autumn spice tea is the perfect way to recharge.

  13. Sunnymay


    My favorite time to relax with a green purple antioxidant tea is in the early morning to get my day started right. Then at the end of the evening with a chamomile herbal tea for unwinding and savoring what what on that day.

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