The first week of September has come and gone and the fall season is fast approaching. Libre word logoOur days are getting shorter and our to-do list just seems to get longer.

It is important to stop and take time for ourselves to relax and de-stress. The more stressed out we get the less productive we are.

Here are a few teas that can help with the distressing:

  • Chamomile – is a great calming and mood stabilizing tea
  • Lavender – not only smells relaxing but helps reduce nervous exhaustion and stress headaches
  • Ginseng – is very calming, soothing away the stress of the day and helps you have a good night sleep
  • Mint – is perfect for relaxing your mind

There are many more herbals teas for washing away the stress of the day. Check out these three herbal tea recipes from Mountain Rose Herbs.

Here’s to a stress-free weekend with many relaxing tea moments!

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  1. Eloy Flener


    Herbal tea is made from many plants, using not just the leaves, but also the flowers, roots, bark and seeds. At Celestial Seasonings, our herbal tea recipes blend the flavors of different botanicals from around the world – resulting in an infinite variety of healthful taste sensations. In fact, this exploration of the many flavors, remedies and benefits of herbal teas is one of the greatest pleasures of working with herbs — there’s an herbal tea that’s just right for every mood and every moment. `

    See ya soon

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