I attended a powerful yoga workshop by Seane Corn produced by Semperviva in vancouver. It was about detoxing. So with my ‘holiday ass’ in tow:)  i attended and worked up an incredible sweat and heard about organic foods, environmental toxins  and helpful understandings about my organs that do all this detoxifying work.

wait…  the much bigger message for my ears that days was about the toxicity of negative emotions  – anger, fear, grief, jealously – those kinds of negative emotions

now i know this information but saturday it had an even greater impression upon me. how do I alleviate them – well letting go is job#1 and some serious self reflection.

this message was not only personal but reflects upon libre’s reason for being – tea moments – a moment to connect withoneself and the world -  being conscious that we are are all interconnected  – i know that if we connect with ourself more often and become more conscious we can heal and show even more love in the world.

it is these negative emotions that are realisations of separation and resistance.

it had never been more clear – this workshop gave me a new outlook and tools.

often the negative emotions are our reactions to ‘someone else’s behaviours or attitudes ‘ – Seane advised and i’ve heard this before, but never sooo poignantly… ‘if you spot it you got it’ – it may be that the attribute we are negatively judging in others is actually an unclaimed aspect of ourselves – our shadow. to love ourself is to make room and be compassionate towards our own shadows.  It is like the separation we unconciously know within is projected out.

If we heal and accept our humanness and inherent ‘shadow’ side we can be compassionate towards the ‘other’ -  we can be loving and compassionate.

for me this is the weft and weave of our love potential that interconnects us all. Seane Corn’s ‘off the mat and into the world‘ leadership training is all about self discovery and consciousness to allow more loving and truly understand what it means that we are all inteconnected. will be looking into sponsoring a yogi and maybe even partaking myself.

ohhh some days are big!

so much to reflect on and marvellous fodder for tea moments in the days ahead. gratitude, gratitude.

namaste and grace to all

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