Everything Mom

How did you find the energy, Mom
To do all the things you did,
To be teacher, nurse and counselor
To me, when I was a kid.

How did you do it all, Mom,
Be a chauffeur, cook and friend,
Yet find time to be a playmate,
I just can’t comprehend.

I see now it was love, Mom
That made you come whenever I’d call,
Your inexhaustible love, Mom
And I thank you for it all.

By Joanna Fuchs


It is often very hard to express what the word ‘mom’ means. But, I think Joanna Fuchs has captured the meaning very well.

As Mother’s day approaches, I reminisce to my childhood and the gifts I gave to my mom on Mother’s Day, showing her in the only way I understood, at the time, how much I loved her.  They often consisted of paper woven placemats, salt and pepper shakers (I think I started her collection), a snipped flower from the neighbour’s yard, paper mache bowls made at school and/or homemade cards. My mother would often tell me, as a child, it is the thought that counts, not the gift.

As a mother, I now know exactly what she meant. Those handmade gifts from my children were so precious and often touched me to the core. I think my favourites were the homemade cards, coupons for washing the dishes, shoulder massage or making me a cup of tea.  Just little things to show they cared.

As a grandmother, I love to see how my grandchildren interact with their mother, my daughter. How the love is passed on from one generation to the next generation and back again.

Tea time with my mother & grandmother was always a special time. Often, on Mother’s Day, we would go out for tea to the local tea house. Spending an afternoon together, making and sharing memories.

Do you have a special Mother and Daughter (or Son) tea moment?

Share it with us below for a chance to win two Libre Tea Large glasses and a package of our Ming Mei green tea to share with your mother!

Draw ends Sunday, May 8th! We will use Random.org to choose the winner1


by Cindy, Libre collaborator



Comments (28)

  1. Ming


    My mom and I have always been close, but one of my favourite memories with her incidentally also includes tea! i used to figure skate and my mom would get up at 5am with me to bring me to the rink for my 6am practice before school, after the practice we always had about 45 minutes to kill before school started so we would go to a coffee shop and order a pot of rooibos tea and talk about life. with 2 other sisters its always tough to get one on one time with my mom so i still fondly remember those mornings spent drinking tea with her 🙂

  2. Reply

    I’m a mother to a spunky, fun-loving three year old daughter. She is actually very interested in tea, and I’ve been teaching her how each variety looks and tastes differently. My favorite tea moment was a few weeks ago, when she helped me pick out a tea from the cabinet, measure it, pour the hot water, and watch it brew. It was wonderful to watch her inquisitive eyes observe the tea being steeped. I let her have a sip when it cooled and she said it was ‘the best tea ever’. She does always say that when we play tea party with her little set, but I think she really meant it :). Preparing tea is becoming a special ritual that we can share together!

  3. Tonya


    My mom has never been a tea drinker. She used to only have Lipton tea in her cabinets. As I have grown as a tea lover, I’ve been slowly introducing my mom to the beauty of tea. Now when I visit she has at least four variations of green tea, and she even branched out to have loose leaf (a big step :). I’ve really enjoyed being able to share my love of tea with my mom and see her come to value tea for herself.

  4. Marley Chewter


    My 2 year old son loves to play tea party with me – he helps me make real tea for myself, then he has a cup of “tea” which is usually a pretend drink with a felt strawberry in the cup (I’m not sure why he loves to make “strawberry tea”). Last week he asked if he could have a sip of my real tea, so I let him and it was so cute how he took the world’s tiniest sip, then went on and on about how “yum!” it was.

  5. Bruce


    Mom is always looking out for me and my family. Whether it’s out garage saleing and picking me up vinyl or taking care of the kids when my wife and I are both working. She’s always thinking about it and taking care of us, even though we are all grown up.

    Thanks Mom. We Love You.

  6. April R


    As I grew up I was introduced to constant comment tea by my Mum, which was what I thought tea was for a very long time! My mum is a coffee drinker by the way. And as I grew up I learned that constant comment tea was not tea itself, meaning that was the only kind of tea I thought tea was growing up. As I learned about other kinds of tea, in the past 4 years, I would buy more and more kinds of tea (tea bags) and just recently I started to use loose leaf tea and am learning more and more about different kinds of tea. I am having a blast!!! And since my mum loves coffee and because she always has constant comment tea (a black tea) in her house it would be really cool to be able to share and give her a Libre Tea Large glass because I have some amazing loose black tea that I think she would like and then she could also try the green tea which I have and really like.
    My story isn’t really a story but more an explanation of my life’s tea experiences in a small nut shell.
    I keep telling people to get me fruity loose leaf tea for my June 5th birthday : ) and I would really appreciate and cherish this gift if I am the random winner, although I think that the stories before me also deserve this gift as well so we shall see who wins YaY
    Thanks Libre !!!

  7. Katrina Brady


    When my oldest was 5, she used to say to me ” mom, let’s have a cup of tea and talk.” Geez I miss those days.

  8. Reply

    I am an avid tea drinker and my 2 1/2 year old daughter loves watching me whenever I brew a nice cuppa. She especially loves the Librea tea glasses because she can see all the different colours as it brews. A little while ago, she started to ask if she could drink some too because, as she said, “I am growing Mommy, I’m a big girl now and can drink tea like you!” We went to a local tea shop where she got to pick out her own blend of rooibos. I loved her happy grin all the way home and as she waited patiently for her drink to cool down to take her first sip.

  9. Reply

    When my son turned four I bought him his first “real” teapot — a sweet little Beehouse ceramic pot. Every once in awhile I tell him it’s time for us to have tea and I brew a pot (or fill it with apple juice) and we sit for a quiet chat together over cookies.

  10. Leigh-Ann


    For me tea symbolizes a time to relax and spend time with friends and family. Growing up I remember people coming over for tea. I don’t remember when I started drinking tea with my Mom but we still do it regularly. For us “getting together for tea” means taking time from our busy lives to sit together as a family to have tea while we play cards or chat. It’s neat to see my kids looking forward to going to grandma and granpa’s house for tea.

  11. andrea v


    Growing up my mom drank coffee, not much tea. I stayed with my grandma in the summer and she only drank tea. through the years i began to like tea and even tried converting my wonderful mother. To this day she still likes her cup of coffee but I can always make her happy with a good cup of iced cold tea with a mint leaf.

  12. deb


    My favorite mother/daughter tea moment so far was the day my daughter and I discovered totally by accident a shared appreciation for iced chai lattes – a first for us to have a beverage we both like and sweet that it was a first exposure for us both 🙂

  13. Vilma Pacheco


    Growing up in the South where the drink of choice is iced tea specially during the hot summer months, was the only tea I knew until I moved away and was introduced to many varieties of bagged and loose teas. From that moment on I became a tea lover. During Hurricane Katrina my mother stayed with me for a year until her house was being fixed. During that time high anxiety, I started her drinking Chamomile tea then slowly moved on to other flavors until she stared preparing the tea for the two of us. Now when I visit her, she has tea ready for both. We sip our tea in the kitchen, patio or anywhere the fancy strikes and really enjoy our time together with our tea sharing memories and just being with each other.

  14. Devika


    My mother is actually responsible for why I love tea so much! She introduced me to the “champagne of teas”, Darjeeling. I’ve personally became a “tea adventurer” over the past few years and have, in turn, introduced her to a wild myriad of other types of teas as well. She’s taken a real liking to Cream Earl Grey because of me actually. 🙂
    Now, we’ll sit together and watch our favourite TV shows once or twice a week and brew up a pot of whatever we feel like. Interestingly enough, we coincidentally tend to fancy the same brew. 🙂

  15. Sylvia Reddom


    It started with my Mom’s Mom. When I was a wee little girl we had tea and sandwiches made with homemead bread. Sometimes as a special treat we added brown sugar to our warm bread! MMM! Did I mention that our bread was baked in wood stove which sat in the middle of Grandma’s kitchen? That Grandma got up each morning and added wood to the stove to heat her house? In those days I added a dose of sugar too. Nowdays, I relish those days with cups of tea at my Mom’s side, when we add cookies and have “just milk” as we watch our waistlines — she in her 90s now and me in my 50s…it still seems like yesterday that we did this same thing in my Grandma’s kitchen! Love them both! xoxo Happy Mother’s Day 2011 to you both!

  16. Karen Florecki


    Peppermint tea, love and mom. As a little girl whenever I wasn’t feeling well my mom would make a pot of peppermint tea. But it wasn’t a tea pot it was a cooking pot and she grew the tea leaves herself. I still remember her reassuring me and my two sisters that this was the best remedy for an upset tummy; sipping warm peppermint tea cuddled up in your mother’s lap! Something I did with my two daughters and hopefully they will do with their children. Thanks for the memories MOM.

  17. deb


    My mom’s drink of choice is diet pop or coffee but since i keep neither in my house she knows to ask for tea when she comes over. It’s so nice to share a cup with her.

  18. Sacha


    I have been thinking, as I am writing this, about what sharing tea means to me. Tea is a thread which unites the women of our family; from the strong, sweet tea first given to me as a child by my grandmother, “Don’t worry”, she would say, to my mother, while winking at me, “There’s a lot of milk in it.” After this came many pots, shared in sorrow and celebration, with cousins, aunts and family friends. There were the conspiratorial pots shared, at night, under the stars with my Mom on her terraced patio, where having become a mother myself, we grew closer. Now I am the one whose children come to visit sharing stories, and tea at my table. One day, it will be my turn to be that winking grandmother

  19. Reply

    My memory is not as eloquent or as sweetly sentimental as those above, but it’s a great one with Mom all the same!

    We were sharing a pot of our favorite Earl Grey Cream when we were chatting about her work in the Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands in Canada). She was reminiscing, and dropped into the conversation that when she was there, her and two friends stole the Principals entire office right down the paintings and rug, and relocated everything into the boys bathroom. I was so startled I snorted the tea. MY Mother did that?!

    Now at least, thanks to tea time, I can say I come by my mischievous streak honestly. Best Mom ever!

  20. Jillian


    My favorite tea moment with my mom happened last year. My mom was never a tea drinker but I had just come home from India and had bought a bunch of tea home with me. One afternoon we just sat down and sampled all of the teas and just sat talked. It was an amazing afternoon and I will never forget it!

  21. Sarah


    My son (2 years old) and I were at the One of a Kind Craft Show in Toronto and he had a tantrum because he wanted tea. He was stomping his feet, crying, and yelling “Mommy, I want some tea!” I laughed at him as I have never heard of a 2 year old having a fit over tea. We love having tea together!

  22. rita


    I am the youngest of eight siblings and it was tough to get time with mom to myself. My fondest memories are when my older brothers and sisters would get on the bus before I was old enough to go, and mom and I would have morning tea, just us two.

  23. Ron


    It was my mom who taught me to love Tea and it was her who used to “slave” out in the hot sun making it. Ok, well it was more her just setting a nice big glass jug out in the sun to brew all day. Don’t know anyone who makes tea that way now but when I think back on it, it brings nice memories. I plan to do it that way for my daughter when she gets a bit older too because of how neat it was. Thanks mom and happy Mothers Day!

  24. Betty


    My mother always fixed dinner and every afternoon about 4pm she would make tea for dinner. We had the “tea” pitcher and she always used two Lipton bags and hot tap water and let it sit until dinner time when my father got home at 5. In the winter, she would make Instant Spice Tea Mix and she and her knitting friends would enjoy that. Now, I enjoy all kinds of tea–not just Lipton!

  25. Beth


    My mom and I would each have a cup of tea when I was a preteen and then into my college years while sitting at the kitchen table discussing all of the things going on in my life. There was something warm, comforting and familiar about each of those things… hot tea, same mug, kitchen table and my mom. Made it easier to talk.

  26. Reply

    My mom always made me a cup of tea when I was sick and brought it to me in bed. When I had a cough she would add a teaspoon of brandy. I always think of her when I make my girls a cup of tea when they are sick.

    I also remember my girlfriend down the street making us a cup of tea when we were both pregnant with our 2nd children. We would sit with our giant bellies, watching our 2 year olds play, and drink a cup of tea. It is a fond memory of years gone by. It is still nice amidst the constant activity and chaos of being a mom to sit and drink a cup of tea.

  27. Sara P.


    When I was a kid, my mother always gave me ginger tea when I had a stomach ache. To this day, whenever I drink ginger tea, I think of my Mom sitting on be bed and reading to me when I was home from school sick!

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