Whispering Writer says, “Making my tea was simple. I just put some loose leaf tea in the bottom, added boiling water and I had delicious tea!” in her Libre Large tea glass!

Melanie from Melanie’s Journal says, “If I was heading of to an office setting, this would also 

Libre in Vancouver Sweetspot

May Globus from Sweetspot Vancouver (a national online women’s magazine) highlights the Libre Mug as a great fall essential for having loose leaf tea on the go!be a fantastic tea glass. You can put the tea directly into the glass, and when you’re

 ready, add hot water. The strainer keeps the tea in the glass and you can pour the tea into a cup – or drink right through the strainer!”

Just Married with Coupons says, “I was amazed at how simple it was to create a fresh tea whenever wanted. Their Ming Tea has a wonderful and full taste, it was really delightful.”

Jennifer from Sweep Tight says her Libre Tea glass is “going to make me drink a lot more hot tea this winter.  I am sure about that!”

Beth from Simply Budgeted says she is “enjoying the fresh taste of loose tea again and that is a great way to start my busy days!”

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