Sharing tea moments with coworkers is a great way for us to be inspired where we work!

Never lose sight of the fact that the most important yardstick of your success will be how you treat other people – your family, friends, and coworkers, and even strangers you meet along the way.” Barbara Bush

Friends in the work place often:Tea Moment with Coworkers

  • Give us support and help when needed
  • Help us feel more comfortable in our surroundings, giving us more freedom to think outside of the box
  • Give us someone to share exciting work and home events
  • Give  us a way to vent our frustrations and perhaps come up with a solution
  • Help us feel good about going to work, knowing we are not alone and there is someone at work who cares about out well being

We all need breaks at work to clear our minds and give our bodies a rest, so that when we return to our desk/office/floor we feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Sharing tea moments with our coworkers provides room for friendships to grow. Here are a couple teas we suggest you both might like to share:
Orange Spice Chai Tea from Murchies
Cocoa Rouge from The Jasmine Pearl Tea Merchants

Congratulation to Carolyn H. who won last week’s tea giveaway!

How do you and your coworkers share tea moments?

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Two unique & homemade gift ideas for your coworker and friend:
A Cup of Tea Card 
Russian Friendship Tea Mix


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Comments (17)

  1. Olivia Rubin


    We each have a libre tea mug. On lunch breaks we walk, talk and enjoy our warm tea together

  2. Amber G.


    We share a few moments reflecting on the morning around the electric tea kettle when it is time for a refill!

  3. Beverly Thiessen


    I’m really enjoying sharing my David’s Tea Advent Calendar with my coworkers – it’s turning into some great bonding time while discussing our favorites!

  4. Mary


    I used to always drink tea with my girlfriends staying up late in college studying. It gave us a little boost of extra energy.

  5. Wendy Fields


    I keep a teapot in the office and I drive into the office with my Libre Travel Tea Mug, so I can make a double shot of tea. I keep many different loose teas in my desk at work, and am pleasantly surprised how many tea drinkers work with me. So whenever I set up a meeting, often the location is requested to be in my office so we can have tea while we meet. For one such “tea meeting” one gal baked tea bread, two others each brought cookies. The man attending that meeting was happy for all the sweets and the tea. We agreed that tea parties are more fun than working is. So many teas, so little time…

  6. Camille Henry


    Over long study sessions and movie nights my college friends and I will each take turns brewing our favorite tea for the group.

  7. Danielle


    I’m a stay at home mom. But I do share special tea moments with my kids and husband. We all drink tea. My youngest will be 5 on December 16th and she wants a tea set. We have tea parties, even my soon to be 17 year old daughter and my 15 year old son join in on the tea parties. Good Luck to Everyone (:

  8. Amy Z.


    A few of us like to have tea during breaks together, and it’s a great time to chat and catch up!

  9. dsav


    Oh, it’s our morning ritual. Answer emails, put out fires, and then take a break and breath together. It’s what gets us centered and ready for round two.

  10. Raymond


    We have an afternoon tea break to release work stress and tension. Brings calmness & relaxation!

  11. Renata


    Afternoons are a great tea time to relax and boost energy levels together! Talk about the latest tv gossip news and about our family lives too! Thank you!

  12. Reply

    My special tea moments with coworkers happen by accident as I am a tea addict and the smell of my wonderful teas actually draws them into my office where I show them the tea, the smell it, hold the package and then sheepishly ask if I could make them a cup….what makes it special as those asking are 20 something year old men personal trainers! I love teaching them something new and watching them enjoy it.

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