When will my glass ship?

Orders are shipped within 24-48 hours after ordering, if an item is out of stock we will contact you directly to.

Where is my glass shipped from?

Your order will ship from Los Angeles, CA USA or Delta BC Canada.

When will receive my order?

In both Canada and the USA, the west coast addresses can be 2 days and the east coast about 5 business days.

What are the shipping options?

We have regular USA shipping through Fedex, and USPS, and in Canada Post , Canada Post and Loomis Express. Both countries have express 2 days shipping options.

How much is shipping?

Each order is individually quoted for best rate shipping. Our negotiated rates are passed along to you.

We do not provide flat rate shipping.

Do you ship internationally?

Please send us a note with order, shipping address and phone number, and request a shipping quote.

What is the Libre warranty?

We have a 1 year manufacturing warranty so if there is a problem with the construction of the glass we will replace it or refund your purchase (photo required) . Breakage from dropping is not covered – Libre is very break resistant, but we don’t guarantee they will not break.

What about beyond 1 year warranty

After 1 year we will assist how we can and often offer a significant discount on your replacement purchase.

How do I receive assistance?

If you have any problems please contact us through email: customerservice@librelife.com


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