Libre Tea would like to apologize for the recent custom and brokerage issues that a few of our customers have encountered.   We’d like to inform all of our customers that these issues were unforeseen and are in no way reflective of our customer service practices.  We will be refunding all customers affected by this issue by credit card.  Please contact us if you have experienced difficulty with additional charges. Please also note that all the prices on our website are in US dollars.

  Libre Tea wants to create a seamless, pleasant experience for our customers who are  purchasing and receiving a Libre Tea glass.  There, are, however, situations that arise  – and we will do our best to  learn from these situation and continue to improve our shipping and purchasing system.  We will do our very best to to resolve present issues as quickly as possible.

 We appreciate your patience as we grow, and as we spread the practice of relaxation through Libre Tea moments … peace in the seaon

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