New, Limited Edition MatchaGo™ travel shaker

Traditionally used to bolster energy, clarity, focus and peace, Matcha is made from the luscious deep green top leaves of shaded tea plants. They are pulverized to a powder, using every bit of the plant to create the most potent green tea available.

Traditionally, it is also prepared with a careful ritual that takes time, specific tools and a non-portable vessel.

NOW, with the new MatchaGo Libre tea glass, you can take your matcha on the run and still have a smooth, frothy, super-healthy dose.

The fine stainless steel filter in our MatchaGo™ Glass prepares a frothy, smooth matcha tea anywhere. Simply add 1g of matcha powder, hot (not boiling) or cold liquid of choice… shake, and go!

A “superfood,” rich in anti-oxidants, Matcha is reported to significantly improve clarity of mind, memory recall and retention.

added benefits

  • hi-temp glass interior, durable poly exterior
  • double layer makes it thermal Hot or Cold
  • stainless steel filter- never rusts
  • 100% BPA free
  • can be used for your other favourite beverages


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