Guest Post by Becky Fixel

The holiday season is all about spending time with the ones you love. While a lot of people focus on the gift aspect, it is a great time to nurture your soul and body. Some of the best gifts can be made at home and in only in a few minutes. There are some quick and easy nurturing DIYs that will help you get ready for the holiday season and could be a great gift option for your friends and family.

week99er bath saltsDIY: Bath Salts: Smell the Peppermint freshness this holiday season. Add them to a hot bath and sooth your soul as your troubles melt away.

DIY: Sugar Scrubs: A little bit of homemade bliss! From a daily regimen, to a special treat Рthis sugar scrub is natural and will leave your skin feeling fantastic. 

 Becky Fixel

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