Leah - Spring Tantrum

Guest Post by Libre Leading Light Leah Goard

Expansion * Friction * Growth 

 Spring is that time of year when the sun starts to shine on the seeds that were planted; new ideas, stories and ways of being in the world crave breathing space.

Working so hard to emerge through the thawed ground, there’s tension between the old and new. 

You may find yourself deeply yearning for room for growth, have wild desires to clean out your closets and throw out just about everything you sense is blocking your path. Spring can be an oddly intense time, and understanding that there is a very powerful natural cycle at work may help to curb your decision to toss it all aside, pack your bags and head for the nearest airport.

I too have been experiencing what I have come to recognize is a SPRING TANTRUM!  

I’ve thrown out, recycled, given away and burned just about everything I’ve gotten my hands on. I’ve considered selling my house and dreamt of white space and packing my bag to find an endless beach.

I’ve had to remind myself on several occasions that this is not mid-life crisis version 7.6 – it’s just Spring …

the season when Mother Nature calls you to simplify,
to listen carefully to what your life is calling you to focus on and to create the space required for the fruition of all that has been cultivating beneath the winter ground.

What to do when Spring fever hits?

Well, I’ve been a BIG radical decision maker my whole life. I’ve moved countries and changed identities in a matter of weeks. Quit jobs and launched businesses. I’ve gone from long blonde to skinhead and pierced from head to toe, all in one night.

And I’ve learned over the years that the most powerful, radical decisions come in small packages. The small shifts. The quiet, sacred contracts made between you and your soul. 

lea goard picSaying no

Letting the story go

Carving out an hour a day to play

Waking up early to give your soul the silence to be heard

Honouring your boundaries

Returning to your yoga mat

Deep breaths + tea moments

 The magic and your freedom is held in this space.    
So, if you are experiencing your own Spring Tantrum, know you are not alone.

Embrace the power and flow of the season, let go of that stuff that no longer serves you,
and, one small radical decision at a time, step into that new sacred soil. 

Have do you find/spend your ‘me time’ this spring?

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Comments (21)

  1. Laurie P


    Lately my “me time” is spent in the garden. It’s relaxing and I get a small bit of time to think on my own….

  2. Suzie B


    My ‘Me-time” in the spring is spent planting a vegetable & herb garden 🙂

  3. Laurie


    My me time is at night alone enjoying some tv after the kids have gone to bed.

  4. Rachael


    Getting back outside for walks and runs…watching all the little duckling/goslings get bigger and bigger.

  5. Leslie T


    The spring has inspired me to get back on the fitness bandwagon and back outside. I’ve been enjoying walks and bike rides with my family

  6. loriag


    Me Time has been planting my planters and widdleing Diamond Willow.

  7. Amanda Alvarado


    My “me time” has been reading some good books while enjoying either a cup of tea (enjoying a cold green tea tonight) or a strong cup of coffee!

  8. Nicole Sender


    “With Me” time is spent working on my tomato plants and flowers !

  9. Tamara Tudor


    Early morning, moon is still out, sun is rising and I’m out with the dogs breathing in the quite nature of the neighbourhood before the hussle bussle of commuting to work – every day, always!

  10. Jennifer Johansen


    These days, my “me time” is spent in the garden or online playing VGA Planets.

  11. Julianne


    “Me” time is spent walking my dog, reading books and of course enjoying tea.

  12. Vilma Pacheco


    My “me time” is enjoying the mild Spring weather, watching the rebirth of the trees, blooming flowers, listening and watching the abundance of birds while sipping a cup of tea.

  13. Reply

    My me time is spent by meditating and by helping others on their life journey. This is a very heart warming and rewarding way to spend spring and indeed all the seasons of the year. Love and happiness to all

  14. Dee Schwark


    My “me time” is spent sitting on the deck in my favorite chair, my dog on my lap, sipping tea while reading a book…..sigh

  15. Laura K


    My husband is gone during the week, and I have no kids, other than my furbabies, so I have a ton of “me” time. What I long for is “together” time with friends and family 🙁 Now, I’m not saying I don’t enjoy being alone and having time to do things I find relaxing, such as lounging in the porch swing, with a good book and a cup of tea (or coffee, depending on the mood and time of day), or a nice, refreshing nap; or some late night TV

  16. Amy C.


    Me time is a good book or my favorite show with a cold glass of iced tea!

  17. Karen


    It’s not original, but I really find spending time in my garden rejuvenating.

  18. Barb Howe


    My *me-time* is at night listening to guided meditation and during my commute in the morning. I have also been majorly purging around the house to clear out those items that are no longer needed. It really clears out the stagnant energy!

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