Students are going green and they are more environmentally aware than ever. They want to use products that have a positive impact on the environment. Libre Tea glasses are just that! Reusable on the go for all beverages! The glass interior, once washed, holds no flavours between beverages.

Did you know?…

–        Loose leaf teas have a smaller environmental footprint than teabags – there is essentially no paper packaging for boxes or individual bags – and so much more flavour!

–        Loose leaf tea has multiple uses after steeping and is of course 100% compostable and biodegradable:

  • Dried used tea leaves can be wrapped in gauze/or old sock and placed into stinky runners and gym bags to help eliminate odour
  • Fill a cotton bag with used green tea, dampen, and place on your eyelids to relieve tired, puffy eyes from late night studying

–        Using Libre Tea glass for all hot and cold beverages will save trees – 9.4 billion trees were cut down in 2011 to make disposable cups (source Mother Nature Network)

Libre Tea glasses have a health conscious glass interior and durable poly exterior – keeping tea or any beverage hot or cold and yet comfortable to touch.

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Perfect for the hectic lifestyle of the student on the go!

Have a great weekend!

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    The fact that loose tea is cheaper but prcoudes a better brew reminds me of something similar I once read about tinned tomatoes. According to the article, in whatever paper I happened to be reading, the best tomatoes were used to fill the tins of whole skinned tomato, while tomatoes of a lesser quality went into the chopped tomato tins. Maybe it’s the same with tea? I have been drinking white tea recently prefer it to green tea. Haven’t drunk strong tea with milk and sugar since I was a boy.Ps nice post

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