Summer’s here, let’s get on the road and enjoy our beautiful country. With the warm summer weather arriving, now is the time to plan a road trip adventure for your summer holidays.

We are excited to support cleaner, greener road trips this summer so we can reduce the garbage from road trip living.

We’ve partnered up with ECO Lunchboxes and Hydaway Bottle for a great Road Trip Giveaway!

Road Trip Giveaway
Head over to our Facebook page and tell us why you want to green your road trips.

Please share and tag your friends and family so they can enter too!

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Giveaway ends Friday June 29!


Win a 6 pack of ECOdipper snack containers from ECO Lunchboxes (6 pack value $36)

The ECOdipper is an everyday go-to snack container. Skip the plastic-baggies and disposable packaged snack for this healthier lunch option that keep plastics out of your lunch and our environment. Holding up to 7 ounces, the ECOdipper is great for dry and moist snacks, such as crackers, nuts, cut fruit, edamame, granola and more. Plastic free and 100% stainless steel.  More info here

Win 2 HYDAWAY Collapsible Water Bottles with Travel Cases from Hydaway Bottles (2 Solo Travel Pack Value $70)

Sip. Stash. Repeat. Includes one 21oz HYDAWAY bottle and one Travel Case.  Features an easy to use, flip-up straw for quick sips, carabiner-friendly carry handle, and are protected by our Watertight Guarantee™.

Expand the bottle full size to quench the biggest thirst. When you’re finished, collapse it flat (just over an inch thick to be exact) and stash it in your pocket, pack, purse… almost anywhere! More info here

Win a Libre 14oz Mixed Life Giftset – 2 each of Starburst, Garden Pink and Lively Leaves (Giftset value $134.95)

So versatile and convenient! Infuser features a clean glass interior, durable BPA-free poly exterior and removable stainless-steel filter and can be used for all beverages, hot and cold.

Glass means a fresh taste, every time. Use them for loose tea, fruit infusions, citrus water, matcha, protein shakes, even coffee and martinis!   More info here


Total Road Trip Giveaway Package Value $240.00


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