3118533515_53922ea17bWe love hearing from our Libre Tea Glass users.  Last week, Renee Blackwell emailed to tell me about using her Libre Tea glass on-the-go – at work.

Here’s what Renee had to say:

For the past few weeks since I started my new office job, I have been dismayed that I have not been able to enjoy my “specialty” loose teas that I have been collecting for the past 6 months at my desk! Although it does give me something nice to look forward to when I get home, I have really been wishing for a way to brew it at work WITHOUT a nasty tea ball rolling around in my cup. I was so delighted to discover your product this past weekend as I had no idea it existed until now. Today I am happily sipping at my desk and look forward to spending many happy years ahead with my new Tea Friend! Thank you for this ingenious idea…I will pass it on to all my friends and family.


Renee Blackwell

Thanks very much to Renee for sending in her story and we welcome Libre stories.

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