Tea has a rich tradition around the world with each culture having favorite teas and or tea ceremonies.

Chai tea, Darjeeling tea and Assam tea are the most popular teas in India and tea stalls can be found on most busy street corners. They grow and drink more tea than any other country in the world.

teas varyChina is credited for discovering tea. According to legend, Emperor Shennong was resting under a Camelia tree boiling some water to drink when dried leaves fell down into his boiling water creating the first pot of tea. It wasn’t until the fourth and fifth centuries that rice, spices, ginger fruit peel and  other ingredients were added to the tea leaves to further enhance the teas taste and health benefits.

In Japan, Matcha powder made from green tea is what is used for the Tea Ceremony. Green tea (Ryokucha) is the most popular in Japan and can come in various grades such as Genmaicha (green tea with roasted brown rice) or Hojicha (a roasted green tea that is sweeter and less astringent). Oolong and black tea are also quite popular in Japan.

In New Zealand and Ireland, they stop for a tea break rather than a coffee break. In New Zealand, when their tea breaks were threatened to be eliminated or shortened last year, thousands protested over the proposed tea break cuts.

Britain is well known for their afternoon tea. It’s rumoured that Anna, the 7th Duchess of Bedford started the afternoon tea tradition and what a great tradition it is! Hot steaming tea served in delicate china with a platter full of delightful sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, and perfect bite sized cakes.

Learn more about tea and tea traditions at World Tea News: 10 Tea Traditions Around the World By: Marta Lopez Garcia

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The cup of tea on arrival at a country house is a thing which, as a rule, I particularly enjoy. I like the crackling logs, the shaded lights, the scent of buttered toast, the general atmosphere of leisured coziness. ~P.G. Wodehouse

Where is your favourite place to have tea – at home, restaurant, city….? Share with us and be entered in our giveaway for a Libre Mug.

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  1. Karen


    I drink tea at home, at work and when I go out to eat, but my favourite place to have it is at the lake.

  2. Brittany


    At the health food store where I work 🙂 Love to brew a big pot and share with customers!

  3. Lynette


    I love drinking tea anywhere, and do. However, I like drinking tea at home (if it’s clean) with soft music playing the most.

  4. Dee Schwark


    My favourite place to have tea is at home, although it’s actually anywhere….I carry tea in my purse so when visiting, I always have enough with me to share as well 🙂

  5. Judy Cox


    I love to curl up on my patio in my lounger with a good book and my favorite cup of tea.

  6. TJ Miles


    My favorite place to have tea is sitting at home! But… I take my tea and cup to work with me (on an ambulance on the overnights) and enjoy it there too between calls!

  7. Andrea Amy


    My favourite place is at home, on the sofa at night after the kids are in bed, when I am alone with a good book 🙂

  8. Rebecca T


    I like to sip tea on my deck in the morning on a nice summer day.

  9. Marthalynn


    My favorite spot to drink tea is in my “reading nook” – my little spot off of the dining room with a cushy couch, great lighting, and a perfect view of the trees outside. I curl up with my tea and feel my entire body relax. Ahh…

  10. Vilma Pacheco


    My favorite place to drink tea is at home either by myself or with friends but always carry tea with me when I’m out.

  11. Amanda Alvarado


    My favorite place to drink tea is at home outside on the front porch with a good book!

  12. Carolyn


    At home, first thing in the morning. I go to bed at night looking forward to that 1st cup of tea.

  13. Vernon E. Warner Jr.


    My favorite spot to drink my tea is out on the deck of our home over looking the Blue Ridge Mountains and listening to nature.

  14. loriag


    I love tea anywhere, my favourite though is to have tea with someone, there is nothing better than to share a cuppa with someone.

  15. Susan O'Bryant


    My favorite place to drink tea is at work, as odd as that may sound. It’s just a peaceful little break in the middle of a hectic day.

  16. Heidi C.


    My favourite place to enjoy tea is at work, in in the afternoon. As soon as that comforting aroma hits my nose and I take that first sip, I am relaxed and re-energized and I am able to power through the afternoon slump.

  17. Melissa


    My favourite place to drink tea is in the car on the way to work, it relaxes me and gets me ready for a productive day.

  18. John Hutchens


    My favorite place to have tea is at home sitting on the patio

  19. Nicole


    My favourite place to take tea is at home. I use filtered water, warm the pot before putting the loose tea in (Earl Grey with bergamot flowers is the family favourite!) hand knitted tea cosy and my mothers old tea pot. I find that tea tastes so much better when drunk out of bone china so with cup and saucer at the ready I pour the ebony liquid, savouring the beautiful aroma, closing my eyes briefly remembering distant memories of past moment taking tea with family and friends. A dash of rice milk and on occasions some raw honey, then settle down in front of the fire. The mixture of the smell of a real fire mixed with the Earl Grey and Bergamot is one that cannot be described but must be tried! It makes you feel happy and warm inside as well as out side and I always make extra in the pot in case someone drops in or the family are around, which makes it all the more a perfect tea moment!

  20. Katie S


    I love having tea while I’m chasing my two year old around our yard on nice days

  21. Erin W


    I love enjoying a hot cuppa at my Mother-in-law’s house. She’s British so it always feels a little special.

  22. ameirah


    i drink at home, inside on couch or in backyard on my swing, on the go as well so this mug would be perfectea.. thnx much

  23. Rebecca Xavier


    I love to drink tea in my house while the kids are having their afternoon nap.

  24. Lisa Beech


    I love drinking tea anywhere, but I especially love drinking tea by the fireplace talking to my mom.

  25. Jenna R


    At home, with my fiance. <3 We usually sit down with our tea and watch a show or movie together.

  26. Tracy


    My favourite place is relaxing on a big chunk of drift wood ocean side early in the morning sipping my tea, while watching my son and dog run along the beach playing together 🙂 It’s a slice of heaven!

  27. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard


    I really like to have a london fog at second cup

  28. sherry blamer


    I love to drink my tea at home. I love brewing my own tea and drinking on the front porch or relaxing in my favorite chair.

  29. Rick F


    I enjoy my cup of tea sitting outside in the early morning enjoying the quiet before the start of a busy day.

  30. Ryan Louise


    My favorite spot to have tea is at home, but with the Libre tea mug I cod bring my tea anywhere I want! To the lake, to the shore, or to the store 🙂

  31. Brenda Young


    I love my tea with family, friends or by myself.. A place could be anywhere atvthe moment. Love my tea

  32. Julie


    I drink tea all the time. If it is home, work, and out. Hot and cold. I enjoy going down to the docks in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor and people watch.

  33. Christina


    I hate to say it, but it’s at work. It helps soothe the savage beast.

  34. Mary Leming


    My favorite place to enjoy tea is on my screened in pack porch on the swing bench overlooking my neighbors farm. It’s a gorgeous view!

  35. Kathy Lane


    My favorite place is on my front porch sitting in my swing and watching the deer pick in my yard.

  36. Duane Twining


    Actually, I enjoy tea mostly at work (where I spend most of my time!). Making decent tea is so much easier with a reusable filter like the Libre mug.

  37. Crystal Harbarenko


    My favorite place to enjoy tea is pretty much anywhere! But I do love to sit enjoy my tea outside on my back porch enjoying the beautiful weather!

  38. Amy


    At home using my own whistling kettle, my mug with my milk on my couch. Happiness!!!

  39. Laticha A


    I like to enjoy it in my living room while watching some of my favorite all time movies, tysm

  40. Jeanine


    My favorite place is at home with my hubby or when a friend stops by.

  41. Ayshea


    Home is my favorite place, but really anywhere that I can slow down relax and focus on enjoying it.

  42. Marygrace Montelrone


    I drink either in the kitchen at beginning of day & in living room while relaxing at nite. My kids like to take their cups to their rooms & hibernate!

  43. B,F.


    Anyplace I can:) but often at home while entering contests on the computer:)

  44. Anne Perry


    My favorite place to drink tea is on the beach…watching the sun rise.

  45. Cassandra Loutzenhiser


    My favorite place to enjoy a cup of tea is at home, curled up under blanket, reading a book, while it’s raining outside 🙂

  46. Pat B


    On my front porch, listening to the birds and looking at the garden.

  47. Tammy Sigond


    My favorite place to enjoy tea is my back deck, my yard is wooded on 7 acres and I love the solitude with my tea and nature. Unless it’s winter time then it’s in front of the fireplace!

  48. Jessica Chappell


    I like my tea out on the porch while I am watching birds at my feeder.

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