Heading out hiking this weekend to enjoy some rejuvenating nature time? Don’t forget to pack your Libre glass with your other essentials!

went out for a walkThe Libre is a great hiking companion – for hot or cold beverages and keeps them that way. With the glass interior it is going to be flavour free with a wash, for your next beverage – can even be used to store left overs!

And the durable poly exterior is so practical for the bumps that can happen on the trail – try it out for hot tea in the morning, a protein shake for a mid–morning snack and with fruits and water for refreshing afternoon healthy hydration.

Here’s a healthy afternoon favourite – matcha and coconut or almond milk shaker:

matcha making #2Step 1 – 1 tsp matcha on top of filter

Step 2 – sieve through the filter with a spoon – or tap on side of glass to slake matcha through

Step 3 – add 4 ounces cool water put on lid and shake for 30 seconds

Step 4 – add almond or coconut milk – or take along the powders for your longer hiking trips – give another good shake for a creamy frothy afternoon treat – great energy and good health on the trails


Whether heading out for the day, weekend or longer there are always some important items that should be put in your backpack.

 Hiking Essentials:hiking essentials

And remember it’s great to let a family member or friend know where you are heading out to. Enjoy tea moments on the trail – take in the awesome beauty of nature and take a photo of you and your Libre on the trail – you could be our #teamoment of the week winner.

How will you use your Libre on your next outdoor adventure?

Share with us for a chance to win a Libre tea glass!

2 Libre tea glasses are twice as handy 🙂



Comments (14)

  1. Jenna D


    we’ll pack it in our bike trailer and take a family bike ride out to a nice shady spot for a picnic 🙂

  2. Nicole Sender


    I’ll use it for a refreshing cold beverage on our next walk on the beach!

  3. DaniG


    I will pack it in my hiking pack for a warm drink at the end of a morning hike.

  4. loriag


    I love taking my Libre walking and hiking anytime, everywhere. It has such a great seal I never worry about leaks. It is also the perfect size and keeps my water cool.

  5. Brenda Alden


    I take my tea glass with me EVERYWHERE!! For hot and cold alike my Libre Tea glass is there! Thanks for the chance.

  6. Tammy B


    My latest outdoor adventures have been helping friends on their farm. Taking a drink out to the field is problematic. If I don’t spill it, I get dirt/bugs in it while weeding. Would love to bring a Libre tea glass out there and actually be able to drink my tea while working 🙂

  7. Laurie P


    I’d use it on our many walks to the park….love bringing along a cold refreshing beverage!

  8. marygrace monteleone


    i’d fill with hot tea and drink from it all day as I run my errands, take kids to activities and such and know i have a good hot drink handy.

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