This week we’d like to introduce to you an inspiring author and entrepreneur who loves tea moments as much as we do – Zhena Muzyka.

Zhena_page_ad SCReleaseA little history: As a twenty-four-year-old single mom, Zhena had an infant in need of life-saving surgery and only six dollars in her wallet. She also had two other powerful motivators: hope and a passion to share her unique tea blends with the world.

To steady myself, I grabbed my anchor, that simple cup of tea.”

Zhena combined her hobby of blending tea, her knowledge of herbs and aromatherapy, and her gypsy grandmother’s wisdom to provide for her son and herself. She started selling her custom teas from a cart on California street corners and now over a decade later, her son is healthy and Zhena’s Gypsy Tea is a multimillion-dollar brand.

Zhena has drawn on these life experiences when writing her book ‘Life by the Cup’ where she shares seventeen soulful lessons to help us overcome obstacles, clarify our purpose, and bring awareness to each moment of our life. No matter where we are in life Life by the Cup’s message is that we can change our circumstances and live our dreams.

‘Life by the cup’ offers:

  • inspiration to increase our compassion toward others as well as ourselves,
  • wisdom on how to hone our intuition,
  • how to ask for help,
  • and live out our true purpose without drastically changing the way we live

…a simple cup of tea can be a daily ritual for personal transformation and growth.


Do you have an inspirational tea moment?
A beautiful tea moment that touched you?

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For more info about Zhena’s ‘Life in a cup of Tea’ book and her in-person and online self-help courses visit:  www.Zhena.TV

Twitter @Mistressoftea
Instagram @Zhena1
FB /Zhena.Muzyka


Thank you to Zhena for sharing her life, passion and inspiration with us!

Comments (11)

  1. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard


    My most memorable tea moments are times when the family is stressed. Our saying is “Tea can always help” and it often does 🙂

  2. jules m.


    i just enjoy a cup of tea in the bathtub, as i let the days stress wash away…it keeps me sane

  3. Marthalynn


    The most memorable tea moments are the ones where I am fully present. Whether it’s a mid-day cup on a Monday or a pot shared with a grieving friend, when I’m truly connected those moments are the most sacred.

  4. Maryann D.


    My memorable tea moments are usually in the quiet morning hours, when I can relax and have my cup of tea and think about the day ahead.

  5. DaniG


    Getting to share a cup of tea with my sister – her words and conversation always help to make the day brighter.

  6. Vilma Pacheco


    My memorable tea moment is sharing a cup of tea with my 93 year old mother when I visit her in New Orleans. She shares stories about her life’s happiness and sorrows and we enjoy our time together.

  7. Christa Lopez


    I remember drinking hot tea with my mom when I was a child. It was so comforting and relaxing.

  8. Dee Schwark


    My most memorable tea moment is when I was a little girl and my Grandma would bring out her treasured china tea cups and serve us tea. We would sit together and sipping our tea (me feeling most special using her tea cups that are usually away in her glassed cabinet watching me) she would tell me about days gone by and what it was like for her when she was little. I miss her terribly, but am so grateful to her for sharing these moments with me.

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