Yes!! It’s the middle of June and school is almost over for this year. It’s a great time to show our teachers our appreciation for their support of our kids all year long. They care for our children often the same or more hours of the day than some parents are able to; teaching, inspiring, soothing and sharing their gifts with our precious gifts of today and tomorrow – our children.


The teachers who come immediately to mind this year are those who risked their lives and saved so many children during the Moore Oklahoma Tornado. As I watched the news and read the reports my heart went out to them. I can’t even imagine what these heroes went through protecting those in their care while desperately worrying about their own family and children.

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These special people include the academic teachers in our school systems as well as day care support, music and dance teachers, art and drama teachers, coaches, etc.

For me a special music teacher comes to mind that made a difference in my life with her guidance and acceptance. There were also a couple of teachers that were amazing role models in my children’s lives with their kindness, patience and love.

What’s your favourite story about a difference a teacher has made in your life or your children’s? 

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Comments (6)

  1. Andrea Amy


    My 2nd son has dyslexia. For several years in elementary we had a string of bad, uncaring teachers who kept telling me he was just stupid (really). My brother has dyslexia, so I knew the sings, and kept trying to force them to take me seriously. Then in grade 3 he got an AWESOME teacher, Mr Stimpston. Amazing man who advocated on our behalf with the school board, and the two of us were able to get into place some resources that helped my son not only catch up to where he should be, but to excel. That son is now 15, just about to finish grade 9, and gets all As and Bs in school, and reads on a grade 12 level. Mr Stimpston changed my son’s life, allowing him to excel to his full potential.

  2. Wehaf


    I had a very bad math experience in middle school, and for years afterwards struggled with math, convinced I wasn’t good at it. But I had a really wonderful calculus teacher who thought otherwise. She brought out my natural talent, taught me to trust myself, and got me so excited about math that I ended up majoring in it in college! I still think of her often.

  3. Marygrace


    I would have to say every teacher at my children’s school (Open Alternative School) impacted my children. From the love of learning, community, caring for one another, friendship & life skills. My kids are now in high school & jr. High & what they learned in grade school still impacts them today.

  4. Joe


    we are very aware of the hugely influential part of our child’s life that teachers can be. we have a couple of years yet before she’s school aged, but for all of the guidance and inspiration my own teachers offered me, I am extremely grateful and hopeful that our daughter has similar experiences.

  5. stacey h


    my teacher in grade 7 and 8 gave me confidence and that allowed me to aim for success. the previous years teacher always gave me heck for talking (which i did, alot) and always sent me to sit at the back of the room – i was quarantined. then came mr. B, he saw my strengths (math) and let me focus on that, he saw my weakness (talking and boys) and tried to distract me using math.
    i never saw him again since passing grade 8, but i would like to thank him.

  6. Reply

    I am a single mother of a very bright young lady. When she was in Pre-K, I was working full-time, and i barely had time to do anything with her. I tried to read with her, but it was tough. Her Pre-K teacher was the one who inspired her to read, and she was the valedictorian of her class when she graduated from pre-K that year. I will always thank that teacher for what she did.

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