It is Thanksgiving this Thursday! And don’t we have a lot to be thankful for!!

After giving thanks for all our own blessings lets GIVE – its in our nature and fills our souls.

Giving at home – whether space, respect, help or appreciation – can change the conversation, the tension, and strengthen our gratitude muscle. 

How about outside your home – Participating in our community is a great way to give thanks, contribute to the community and nurture our own souls.

Here are our suggestions:

  • Thanksgiving & giving backClose to home…Help a neighbour – is there someone in your neighborhood who could use some help with yard work or a home cooked meal or a plate of cookies? Perhaps they would enjoy a visit and a shared tea moment
  • Down the street….Donate clothing and unwanted/needed items to your local Hospital Auxiliary Thrift Shop or Salvation Army
  • With your neighbours…Hold a food drive or holiday present collection for your local Food Bank (our Food Bank also collects new toys and gift items for those who can’t afford to purchase their family presents.)
  • Further afield…. Visit your local post office and offer to write reply letters from Santa or Holiday mail/gift packages to soldiers abroad.
  • To your community… Look through your bookshelves and give your non-essentials to Library or Schools.
  • In your community…Volunteer at your local school, hospital or nursing home.
  • And finally everyday…. Visit and then bookmark our Give First page and enjoy a tea moment while you give by clicking.

There are so many ways to give back to our communities. The time, energy and effort we give to help others, helps us too.

The sense of wellbeing and gratitude for what we have and what we have to offer grows.

As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.”
― Mary Anne Radmacher

Share ways you give back in your community for a chance to win a Libre Mug.


Comments (13)

  1. Vilma Pacheco


    I will be donating some lightly used coats and blankts to my local family services to help those in need.

  2. loriag


    We give back to our community by helping our neighbours anytime we can. We shovel walkways, pain fences, do errands. We donate clothing to our thrift stores. We have helped out at our soup kitchens and food banks. We have volunteered at our senior centers. We participate in Operation Christmas Child.

  3. jules m.


    i donate canned food every year, also to salvation army and i donate pet food to the shelter

  4. Rene


    The chorus I belong to supports the local food bank with all of our performances and events. We also try to perform at one senior’s residence per month as part of our regular schedule. It’s nice to provide a little something special to those in the homes.
    In addition, I am a volunteer with a local organization that focuses on child passenger safety.

  5. Melinda


    We donate clothes and food, volunteer at the local shelters and help our neighbours clear the snow

  6. Jennifer Johansen


    We share the surplus from our garden with our neighbors, and we donate regularly to the Goodwill.

  7. Vernon E. Warner Jr.


    Our family has always done things to to help others, being a buddhist it has given me more insight into helping others without looking for personal gain. We help the elderly in my mothers church by doing a free meal monthly, we do christmas shoeboxes for the needy, we volunteer where ever we can gardening, cleaning, etc., we donate our time to a local thrift store that benefits underprivileged children. It is very rewarding and heartfelt to do for others without accepting personal gain. It provides good karma in this and other lives.

  8. Cynthia


    We always donate our used clothing and toys to Salvation Army or Goodwill instead of having a garage sale. We also donate to our local schools. They know what kids are in need. There is so much need right now.

  9. Shannon


    I donate toys to Toys for Tots and also the small hotel sized shampoos and things I collect throughout the year I donate to a local women’s shelter with small stockings.

  10. Marci


    We donate food to the food banks, money to the bell ringers and food and necessities to the animal shelters.
    We also make up homeless boxes.
    We get a shoe box (or similar box) and put in necessities. Toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, wash cloth, chapstick, listerine, socks, gloves, food items and etc…. We then hand them out anytime we see a homeless person. They are so very appreciative!

  11. Reply

    I gather people together to one by one make a difference in others lives, encouraging not only myself, but others, that no matter our circumstances or income, we can all make a difference each day in someone elses life.. today while wishing Happy Thanksgiving to a few of my friends across the miles, I shared with them about a card writing campaign I am doing to bless the son of an out of state friend, who is only 9, and battling life threatening disease, with cards… each person I spoke to .. only a few, were so blessed that I shared that, and responded..” Oh I can do that, and I will get my child/grandchild to make cards also… I also like to have a little reusable gift bag with a travelers mug, or regular mug and some tea and coffee and a treat with me to spontaneously bless someone. There is also a local safe house and program for abused children and children that have been rescued from sex trafficking. We try to raise small items for them like little gift cards or sweets delivered to the sponsor of the program to bring them and such. Recently I approached a restaurant manager about donating some gift cards for the volunteers that also work with these children, to bless them too. I also love being involved in anything to do with sending cards and care packages to our soldiers… there are so many opportunities daily!… A friend recently told me they turned around and saw the next person in line only had a few things in their basket.. maybe $20 worth.. they whispered to the cashier and handed her $20 after ringing up her own groceries and said “this is for the person behind me~ anonymously!” .. can you imagine the surprise on that next persons face?!
    Cathy B*****y operationblessingbrigade at gmaildotcom

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