The light has turned and the days are getting longer and now the holiday season has mostly passed - the final 12 days of christmas ends on January 6th.

now the time has come… said the walrus… yes it is that time when we all look to reinvigorating our body and spirit.

What will your new health regime include? a new activity for exercise? new healthier foods? new peaceful practices? adding more smiles and kindness to the world is a great start

At Libre tea we know and love the health benefits of tea – especially the antioxidant properties of green and white teas to help us overcome our holiday indulgences!

We are creating a whole new page of tea’s health benefits and all the references for your perusal. We’ll post this new page and announce in our next blog post. 

For now we’ve made healthy green tea tea fabulously easy – Libre Ming Mei green tea –  individual paks of loose leaf tea portioned for the Libre tea glass!

The Libre Ming Mei green tea is organic (tea without chemicals and pesticides) and is so tasty – fresh picked in the late spring of 2010. This tea is flavourful – see our tea tasters notes and it is economical- great for even 3 steeps so one 3 gram pak can often last throughout a day.

Looking forward to the clean start of a new year and the opportunity to create new routines for new healthy practices.

we look forward to many happpy tea momentse in 2011 and …

thanks so much for a fabulous 2010 – we are grateful for your support and enthusiasm for the Libre tea glasses and your tea moments!

we believe every tea moment contributes a bit of  peace and ‘presence’ to our incredibly busy and sometimes disconnected world

we are grateful for the opportunity to provision your tea moments and many more in 2011.

our wishes to you for peace and prosperity you in 2011!!

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