Guest Post by Libre Leading Light Leah Goard


When it comes down to it, time management is really about the art of cultivating your presence and truly experiencing each moment. 

time management momentbymoment Many planning and time management tools and strategies focus on becoming more productive and getting more done. But that, as you know is only scratching the surface because your true desire is not really to cross off 50 million items from your list – it is to feel a deep sense of accomplishment, connection and joy.

It’s just that responsibilities and distractions seem to be continuously vying for those moments. Yet, you don’t have to give up one to have the other. You simply need to shift your attention to the intention behind managing your time and use the tools to get more done and experience the depths that life has to offer.

Here are three simple strategies you can immediately implement that will help cultivate your presence while getting more done.  

Use time blocking & batching

Multitasking is ineffective, increases internal chaos, frustration and the inability to experience the moment.

Time blocking is the practice of breaking up your day / week into consistent chunks of time then dedicating one specific activity or “batched” (similar activities like admin, projects, phone calls, house work) activities to that block.

It’s your platform to create a daily rhythm & allows you to let go of non-priorities, knowing you will take care of them at a later time.  It also helps you to work with your unique energy cycles as you plan for breaks throughout the day.

Set a timer

In order to be fully immersed in the moment and focused on the task at hand you must learn to “let go of time”. But how can you let go of it when you are constantly trying to keep track of it? Turn on your timer! Whether you are working on an intensive project or spending time with your children, using timers throughout your day will actually give you a greater sense of internal freedom. Using timers also brings awareness to how much time things really take. You can use a good old kitchen timer, iPhone or an online timer such as

Schedule “transition” time, tea moments & time for you

Give yourself the opportunity between the end of one activity and the beginning of the next to go within before shifting focus. Often people get distracted during this time and focus outward by logging onto social media or surfing the web.  Instead, consciously schedule ten minutes to do yoga, step outside, make a cup of tea, jot down 5 things you are grateful for… something that brings you back into your body and in tune with your soul.

Here’s to your productive and nourishing present moments this fall!  



Leah Goard is a busy single mom, business and life strategist, speaker, the driving force behind her company Define, Design, Align and one of our Libre Leading Lights

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