the meeting space is coming along nicely for the toronto yoga show. and  evolving hopefully as an accurate respresentation of what libre speaks to – a place within that knows  freedom.

i do love yoga as it renews me and that resulting clarity helps me to see better – i think yoga is a great health tonic, good for the mind and the body.

btw some great yoga organsations – Yoga Outreach (fundraising weekend at a squamish retreat May 28-30)  bringing yoga to prisons with volunteer teachers and Yoga Bear providing yoga to women in the cancer process – we have supported both and look to get further involved.

the practicalities of the yoga show are about the meeting space – standard displays ensure a cookie cutter so a little creativity by ‘architectural colour’ and together have created a meeting place – it sounds fun and i look forward to a great time ahead.

with great thanks to a long time friend, karen who will accompany me on this journey to the Toronto yoga show – thanks dear heart

so i do hope you will introduce yourself if you do come toronto and enjoy lots of yoga, say hi

wit respect, thanks for this opportunity to create and connect

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