we’ve  been having lots of fun for the last two tuesdays – as you may know we are dedicated to inspiring tea moments anytime and anywhere. we know that everyone has a different description of a tea moment and were curious to find out.

well we were honoured with many tea moment tweets – from the last quiet cup in the evening, to the first cup after the kids go to school to a full blog post of a 10th anniversary trip to paris with a special tea moment.  it  was great to hear  many tweet perspectives.

and it was the simple everyday pleasure of  wanting to de-stress at work  and waiting for tea to steep that ultimately won the day this week and so we are sending a Libre tea glass to our winner. what is most funny in this day and age  of high tech global interconnections our winner lives about 20 miles from our office near vancouver in bc canada!!

we hope tweeter @solace76 enjoys her tea glass and realizes her tea moment quest to de-stress at work.

last week was a different story with our winner from NYC @gallantpresent – a sensous description of a terribly simple yet vivid tea moment – he reportedly has already received his Libre tea glass and will post a review.

do you have a favourite tea moment – comment here and/or tweet it to us next #teatuesday for your chance to win a free Libre tea glass.

we love to listen and hear about your tea moment – we learn so much about the wide and amazing variety of perspectives on tea moments

no blog entry on this rememberance day would be would be complete without gratitude to those who serve and yet my ultimate tea moment will occur when we can figure out how to resolve conflict without the scars war and violence

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