Great news the Vancouver Magazine is showing the Libre tea glass as  the ‘Hot Buy’ on page 100 of the January 2009 edition!!!! so glad its making such a positive entry into the lives of tea drinkers.

Murchie’s Tea and Coffee is selling the tea  glass and so is Unity Yoga at E 10th Ave and Commercial Dr. in Vancouver 

or order a libre tea glass on the web site here! shipped from our Vancouver warehouse.

Comments (3)

  1. Katherine


    My husband and I love the Libre tea glass, we are drinking so much more loose green tea. I only wish I could find a place in Ontario where we could by them.

  2. KC


    My husband picked me up a Libre tea glass while he was visiting his family in Vancouver. Sometimes I let the tea cool off for a refreshing drink. It’s beautifully designed too. I love love love it!

  3. Jordan


    I like to put the loose tea in the TOP of it and turn it upside down to steep it. that way you don’t overbrew the tea.

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