Libre tea is very pleased to be sponsoring a radical hostess for the 2010 olympics.

this is a radical program!

this is an amazing concept to connect with the residents of the Vancouver downtown eastside and provide an opportunity to engage with the Olympics – this is an area of the city that has an over-representation of homelessness and less fortunate.

Linwood house ministries has developed this innovative opportunity to sponsor a woman through the training to become a super host – this organisation runs a wonderful outreach facility – the ‘great room’ in the nieghbourhood and wanted to ensure some of these nieghbourhood residents benefit from the Olympic activities.

From their website  – “As you know, the residents of the Downtown Eastside have been greatly affected by the Olympic presence in our city. In an effort to give purpose and a sense of excitement about the Olympics we have created a hostess program, where our friends have an opportunity to be trained as a Super Host. Each woman who attends the training will be given assignments during the Olympics and act as ambassadors in their community. The training includes general super host lessons, rapid response to crisis, history of area and a knowledge of resources and points of interest in the community. Our plan is to reward the women who finish their training and carry out their responsibilities during the Olympics with honorariums. Each hostess will also receive a uniform and meals during their time as hostess.

The cost to sponsor a hostess is $300 CDN, which includes uniforms, training, meals during the Olympics and honorariums to those who complete their assignment.”

Libre tea is pleased to be a sponsor through the fundraising sales of Libre tea glasses at the Roberts Creek location.

Thanks goodness that this unique opportunity is available and there are still sponsorships available.

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