The Victoria Tea Festival is happening Valentine’s weekend. I’m looking forward to joining Murchies Tea and Coffee. The festival organisers say it is the largest public tea exhibition in North America.  I’m looking forward to learning more about teas from all over. There are seminars, tastings (I know Murchie’s will have several of their infamous blends of green and black teas) and many tea accessories to view and experience.

My ‘honey’ and I will go for the weekend, and partake of the festivities. As well, I’ll spend some time with the Murchie’s staff in their booth demonstrating the Libre tea glass.

If you are a tea afficiando and can make it be sure it will be a great time and worthwhile learning experience.

Tonight I am drinking pu’erh tea.  Lovely and earthy and so good for me after a heavy meal – a lebanese lamb and spinach dish..mmm. This tea comes from the province of Yunnan in the southwest China. It is the only tea that improves with age. In fact some  people collect pu’er like wine – even 40 years later the rarest and best are marvellous. The one I am drinking is over 20 years old and is from the high mountains and wild grown.  I love the flavour and it can be steeped several times to ensure all the flavour and goodness is extracted.

Another tea moment in the making with my Libre tea glass.

What tea are you drinking today?

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