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New MatchaGo means nourishing, energizing, frothy matcha anytime, anywhere.

The fine stainless steel filter in our MatchaGo™ Glass prepares a quick, smooth and frothy matcha tea any time.

Our new MatchaGo brings stylish, new convenience to an old tradition, giving you freedom to move and be mindful of how you are feeding your body and soul.


What is Matcha?

matcha filterMatcha is powder made from pulverizing the luscious deep green top leaves of shaded tea plants into a powder. Since the whole leaf is consumed it has more nutrients and health benefits than your typical cup of green tea.

Matcha is a “superfood,” rich in anti-oxidants and is reported to significantly improve clarity of mind, memory recall and retention. It has traditionally been used to bolster energy, clarity, focus and peace.

Here is more about Matcha and its health benefits


Here’s how to make the smoothest matcha you’ll ever taste! It guarantees the smoothest and frothiest matcha:

Step 1: 1 tsp of matcha on filter

Step 2: use spoon to move matcha around and sieve through the filter

Step 3: pour in your liquid – water, juice, milk – then gently shake, swish and turn upside down to get all matcha off the bottom… If you are using water, the ideal temperature is 65 – 85 degrees Celsius (150 – 180 degrees Fahrenheit). That is below boiling, so watch your kettle!

STEAM WARNING : **be  extra careful when using hot water and shaking**


– – 

Step 4: slowly remove the lid, drink and enjoy

Temperature matters when making matcha. Heat brings out the bitter flavors in matcha. Where cold water will bring out the sweetness and the rich creamy feel unique to matcha.


Do you love Matcha? When was the first time you tried it?

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Comments (15)

  1. Amy C.


    I first had matcha in a green tea Frappuccino at Starbucks. After that I purchased my own matcha and made smoothies. Very yummy!

  2. Sunnymay


    I love the ceremony surrounding Matcha and that you can bake with it for extra taste to baked goods.

  3. Vilma Pacheco


    I have not tried Matcha but after reading your article, I’m ready to try it and enjoy its benefits specially using the MatchaGo!

  4. Mary Bearden


    The first time I tried it was by making it as a hot tea drink. I actually prefer it that way. The only other way that I tried that was better is to make a Matcha Smoothie using crushed ice and blend. Just making it as a liquid by itself with water just didn’t do it for me. I really prefer it hot, just like a hot tea during the winter and then when it’s warmer as a smoothie.

  5. Amanda Alvarado


    I have never tried it before but I want to! It is hard to find here locally and the places I’ve seen it online either the shipping is ridiculous or the price of the matcha is!

  6. Reply

    I am also curious to learn what makes the matchago go flask different to a normal libra flask. I already use it to make my matcha tea with no problems. Thanks.

    • libretea


      Jenny, you are quiet right, matcha can be made in all our Libre glasses. Amanda, the MatchaGo 9oz glass is the perfect size for matcha, with a finer filter than the 14oz glasses. It also has the same features as our Libre tea glasses – glass interior, durable poly exterior and removable filter. We do know however that many do not know it can make perfect matcha so we presented this one for matcha tea.

  7. Brie Snyder


    Hi Libre tea, I indeed love Matcha tea, but the process of getting it smooth with the whisk is quite time consuming. This looks like a much faster process for on the go. It’d be awesome to try it. Thanks for the chance! sny25@hotmail.com

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