My journey to begin this tea glass business started back in China in 2006 when I traveled for 3 weeks and visited Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Lijiang, Chengdu and Changsha.

Originally my interest in traveling was in Chinese philosophy and gardens. I studied Taoism so saw many temples and had a marvelous trek up a mountain near Chengdu, to Qing Cheng Shan – home to ancient Taoist masters. Also visited Chengdu’s, Green Ram Temple, with Lao Tse riding the ram on his way into the mountains where he received the Tao Te Qing – a foundational volume for Taoism.

Beyond the temples and chinese gardens my love of tea was building. I tasted tea in several places – the most memorable being Lijiang (everyone loves tea photo) and the Chinese Tea Museum just outside of Hangzhou, just south of Shanghai (tea museum and tea tasting photo). The tea tasting ritual is marvelous and I enjoyed one session for several hours. This was in Lijiang in China’s southwest province of Yunnan where my love of pu’er formed.

Tea has such a rich culture in China with ancient associations of quieting the mind, enjoying friends, and as a refuge for the spirit and soul. I noticed that almost everyone had loose leaf tea with them – the bus drivers, the office and construction workers, moms, dads and grandparents – everyone drank tea all the time! I was advised that for good health one drank tea all day – green tea is for morning, red tea for afternoon (a black tea to me) and pu’er for the evening.

So finally in Changsha, I finally purchased a loose leaf tea container. I loved it – all I needed was hot water and my own tea varieties – to feel satisfied, warmed and at peace wherever I went. Loose leaf on the go!

And ‘tea moments’ were born.

It is my pleasure and honour to bring a tea moment to you. May you enjoy the tea glasses and the sensibilities that tea engenders and infuses into our world.

Thanks very much and certainly appreciate any comments you have.

Warm regards,


PS – This China story would not be complete without mentioning Jimmy Yan and his family in particular his Mom, Shun. Jimmy helped me practice Chinese and gave me insights into the culture and he organized his Mom to meet me at the Shanghai airport and show me around. Her initial care package included tea, her cel phone for the trip and a loaded transit card. Her final care package included the most beautiful yixing tea pot with cups, and beautiful china tea baguans and so much more. His parents treated me and a couple of Jimmy’s friends (organized to assist with travel arrangements) to an incredible 11 course meal and all were so supportive in helping me find my way. I am forever grateful for their kindnesses.

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  1. Sandra


    Thank you Wendy! We might have been crossing paths in China in 2006 but I was on a personal textile journey and visited some of the places you did as well as Kunming, Dali and Lijiang. We loved China and noticed the jars of tea everywhere we went. Now I have my own, thanks to you! And such and elegant jar too! Our son lives in Kunming and we look forward to being able to go back to that area of China. The textiles are wonderful – to say nothing of the tea.

  2. sandra


    Dear Libre, I can not say enough about my tea glass. Everywhere I go people ask me about my glass.I have a question, could you tell me what it says on the side of the glass? I have bought a tea glass for my friends and they all ask me the same question. Thank-you again

    • weweir


      thanks for lovely comments – the glass’n glass chinese writing is approximately ” the plum blossoms are out and my friends are coming for tea”
      best wishes for peaceful tea moments ahead

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