What a great Earth Day Contest! Thank you to all who participated! Congratulations to Jennifer Pickett our Winner (chosen with Random.org) who will soon be receiving a Libre Tote and our organic Ming Mei green tea!

Here is a summary of all Your Earth Day Tips:

  • Plant a tree, rose bush, or plant. Let’s make the Earth a little greener!
  • Always turn lights off when you leave a room,
  • Lower the heat, use blankets and sweaters instead
  • Use Cloth Diapers and wipes – saves our landfills from filling up with dirty diapers that take 500 years to break down
  • Ride your bike for short trips to run errands and save on gas
  • Buy a timer to keep your lights on only when you need them (all year round)
  • Replace regular light bulbs with energy saver ones
  • Use unpaper towels,
  • Don’t use plastic bags or baggies, use cloth bags
  • I don’t let water run while washing dishes by hand and  use dishwater when there a lot of dishes
  • Adjust your thermostat to save energy while you are gone
  • Use leftover water from drinking bottles to water houseplants
  • Do a cleanup at a local waterfall
  • Use a compost to keep food scraps out of the landfill then use the compost in your own garden to grow new plants and veggies
  • Use mama cloth and diva cups
  • Use cloth baby wipes for bums and noses too!
  • Dry on clothes on a clothesline
  • Reduce, reuse, upcycle, and recycle
  • Go vegetarian
  • Stop using drive-thrus! Park the car and go inside
  • Plant a tree (used to do it as a kid on Earth Day)
  • Save all your used tea bags and add them to your garden
  • Buy used items at thrift stores, garage sales, etc.
  • Use glass or stainless steel containers
  • Shop local/handmade, grow your own
  • Buy products that are environmentally friendly and have as little packaging as possible
  • Reduce packaging by making one’s own meals as much from scratch as possible
  • Take military showers – wet your body, shut the water off… lather up and then rinse fast and get out.
  • Quick showers rather than baths
  • Check faucets for leaks regularly
  • Turn off water while brushing teeth.
  • Keep a separate container for recyclables so you don’t have an excuse not to separate them out
  • Re-use take out containers all the time
  • Ride a Bicycle to Work
  • Choose to repair and repurpose when possible instead of replacing
  • Remove light from fridge (Actually made a small difference)
  • Use cold water to do your laundry
  • Unplug a lot of our electronics when not being used as they still draw power when not “on”
  • Use Vinegar in the washing machine instead of fabric softener and in the dishwasher instead of rinse aid. Better for the environment , better for your wallet and better for you!
  • Use reusable water bottles instead of plastic. Always pack groceries in reusable bags rather than plastic. If invest in a refillable pen (such as a fountain pen) if you do a lot of hand-writing
  • Use homemade household cleaning products (baking soda and vinegar) cheaper, safer, and easier
  • Turn off the water while you wash your hands and brush your teeth
  • Use travel mugs when buying coffee/tea, better yet, make your own and take it with you

If we all use at least 3 of these tips we’d make a big difference!


Thank you all for sharing such wonderful Earth Day Tips!

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