What’s in your Water? Find out and then stay hydrated with the best you can find!

People often wonder why tea out doesn’t taste the same as the tea at home. Frequently the answer is the water.  Depending on your water source, the average lake or water reserve contains many different types of organisms as well as a variety of minerals, chemicals and elements.

Water is our lifeline. Without it we can’t exist. We know the importance of staying hydrated  (see the thoughts of our Libre Leading Light Taylor Wells below) and drinking clean water, but are we taking out all of the goodness in our quest to be healthier?

Here are some of the chemicals routinely added to our water supply:

  • Liquified chlorine
  • Fluorosilicic acid
  • Aluminium sulphate
  • Calcium hydroxide
  • Sodium silicofluoride
  • Fluoride

Recently, tap water from Clearbrook, British Columbia, was deemed the best in the world. Last year it was Gibsons BC.  The top tap water in the U.S. came from Santa Ana, California.

Clearbrook Waterworks Administrator Etienne Van Straaten says the water is, “pumped directly to people’s homes without any additional chlorination or any other additives in the water.”

The Town of Gibsons, where our office is, does not “need to chlorinate water from the Gibsons Aquifer as it is so pure that it can meet health standards without chemical treatment.”

Unfortunately, not all water sources can be used for human consumption without some kind of treatment.

To find out what chemicals, if any, are in your water visit, call or email your local waterworks facility (or check them out online). If you would like to find out more about the water quality in your house, here is an interesting article – How to test the Water in your House

If you are not happy with your water quality, there are several good water filters on the market that can help remove unwanted chemicals and keep your water clean, healthy and good tasting.

taylor(5x7)We asked Libre Leading Light Taylor Wells her thoughts on staying hydrated and keeping active. Here’s what she shared:

“I am a huge water – and tea – drinker. All day, every day I am drinking water, yerba mate and green tea, not only to stay hydrated and care for my body but to give my body additional energy to run five Prana Power Yoga studios and be a supermom to my five kiddos.

What motivates me to be to be active? I don’t believe in motivation, only inspiration.  So I only act from inspiration.

What inspires me?  My five kids, my Prana Power Yoga practice, and how I feel after I do cardio, practice, and drink a steady amount of water and tea. I am mindful to drink a steady amount instead of a lot all at once, as that can imbalance your electrolytes.

My inspiration comes from being able to walk the planet as my authentic self and be the best person I can be, after I have set the foundation in the early morning before anyone awakes with the cardio, yoga, and steady consumption of good liquids.

Best ever!”

Taylor Wells

 Visit Taylor Wells’ Prana Power Yoga and check out the classes.

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Prana Power Yoga Best Life Ever Flow—is infused with the principles of Taylor’s book, Create The Best Life Ever: Real Life Stories to Get Inspired.  Suitable for both advanced and beginning practitioners.

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Comments (21)

  1. Alyssa


    Slow flow and meditation. I’m going to need it in this year of the horse!

  2. andie


    We’d love to try the kid’s yoga Class/DVD. Love doing these things as a family.

  3. Heidi C.


    I have fibromyalgia so I would love to try the Slow Flow and Meditation DVD. It sounds wonderful.

  4. Marygrace


    The Power Up Power Down class sounds amazing. I like the balance of the movement then a nice meditative cool down.

  5. Michelle Proper


    Being a beginner I would love the Slow Flow and Meditation. Sounds soothing and right up my alley 🙂

  6. Sunnymay


    Slow Flow & Meditation seems like the right class for me. I think soft music can enhance yoga practice and increase you concentration. Taking a few moments in the day to participate in meditation helps intensify focus and makes the rest of the day flow more smoothly.

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