i confess i am an astrology enthusiast. over the years I have learned to take in the wisdom that resonates with me – i dont expect to know the future – i attempt to work with the eternal energeries that can guide and support in the present.

an interesting site i view monthly is a buddhist astrology site and this month, with november being already in view –  here is a thought that struck me with its truth for me – do you resonate with this.

Remember Shantideva the great Buddhist saint’s words of wisdom:       “Sentient beings are strange, although wishing happiness they avoid its causes.  Although wishing to avoid suffering they constantly create its causes.”

so we are in a transformative time when the veil between the worlds are thinnest – i want to create causes of happiness.

i will blog more and share more thoughts, more often

oh my, am i blessed.

love and light

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