Guest post by Libre Leading Light Marlene Lowden

I woke up with that crazy bubbly feeling . . . like those butterflies when you are first falling in love.  It has happened two mornings in a row and for no particular reason – just an accumulation of events, people, happenings, I guess I’m just that excited to be part of so many things.  Excited to create the day, to make stuff, connect with others, move forward …   crazy, like I’m falling in love with life.

Tea - Thich Nhat HanhI know the other days well enough, but I’ll take these ones as a sign that whatever I’m doing, focusing on, whatever I’m dreaming, whatever attitude I’m operating with is working well for me.  I’ve got a little bounce in my step and I feel light.

I think subconsciously this question has created some small but significant shifts….

I’ve been asked a few times this past year (at workshops, in books) to imagine that I have a documentary film crew or a keen teenager following me around for the day – How would I spend my time?  How do I create my day?

Here’s a snapshot of my perfect day:

  • Up early – Hot Shower
  • Lemon tea (hot water & lemon juice from ½ lemon)
  • Meditation & Journaling (on my biomat, by my picture window looking out at the mountains & the ocean – pinch me).
  • Teach & Practice Yoga (with lovely souls who show at my door in the morning – we drink tea and laugh often).
  • Breakfast & My 1st coffee – this is an event to be celebrated because it is made by my husband, Patrick and it is divine.
  • Short check in with emails, review of tasks & appointments – over 2nd coffee.
  • Pack up healthy lunch & snacks (Vegetarian and I’m dairy & wheat free these days)
  • Go to the Studio (that I am honoured to share with 3 other amazing artists)Marleen Lowden
  • Paint and drink tea, repeat, repeat, repeat…
  • Return home (to my fireplace, friendly cat, more tea & family)
  • Write, plan and dream a little
  • Check back in with the virtual world (FBInstagramPinterest & all those fun people out there doing amazing things that inspire me daily).
  • A few chores and dinner prep (who am I kidding – Patrick is the chef) I clean up
  • Spend time with my people – a little hike or canoe, or maybe a TED talk…
  • Unwind with a good book (in the bath)
  • Early bed
(Here is a 5-minute meditation Marlene has made to help you have ‘fall in love with life’ kind of day.)

Now, this is not how I spend every day but I’m taking the small steps, making the little shifts and I’ve had few days like this one. Yippee!

To read Marlene’s complete post and her book recommendations please go here.



How would you spend your perfect day?

What needs to shift so that you too can fall in love?

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Comments (17)

  1. Donna K


    sleep in, eat a good lunch, then get a back massage. I don’t know what would need to shift.

  2. Ken


    I would spend my perfect day getting a week long massage and pause now and then for a tea break.

  3. Amanda Alvarado


    My perfect day would include not working, spending time with my family doing something fun and healthy, a nice long full body massae to get out all my knots and lots of good tea and coffee! I know what needs to shift – my working – but in order to survive and pay bills, I have to work. 🙁

  4. Wanda


    My perfect day starts out with my morning cup of tea and breakfast, followed eventually by a walk, hike or snowshoe. Preferably I would not have to go into work but if I did, my day would be calm and uneventful. Then back home early to enjoy the dinner and the evening with the family.

  5. Laura K


    my perfect day: wake up early, nice cup of orange or lemon tea, do some stretches or sun salutations, then take a long walk with my dog, then have a nice leisurely breakfast that includes something sweet, and more tea, then off to work with the horses and other animals; home to a nice soak in the hot tub with a glass of vino and a snow-covered, mountain view; maybe a dip in my heated pool; dinner with my husband, a large gourmet salad with all the fixin’s, then watch a little TV together while I get a foot massage then off to dream land in my warm sleep number oh so comfortable bed! BUT since, I’m unemployed, don’t have a dog, nor a pool or even a hot tub, husband is gone on the road driving most of the time, TV sucks here, no wine, ramen noodles for dinner, cheerios for breakfast, but I got tea, and that’s good enough for me!…..until I win the lottery, then I will have tea and more. And, I’ve tried to win one of these tea glasses umteen times and no luck yet, guess that’s part of my dream day too, to win one of these dang, cute-ass glasses

  6. Michael Moreno


    My perfect day begins when I wake up, and realize I made it another day. A cup of green tea is just icing on the cake.

  7. Monica Nerney


    I am working on shifting my negative thoughts so that I can learn to love myself. My perfect day begins with a cup of tea on the deck watching the local Elk herd in the neighbors field, as the sun comes up.

  8. CarolynH


    My perfect day would include waking up to a perfect golden sunrise, a hearty breakfast, a jog through my neighborhood, a full body massage, an invigorating shower, sipping a cup of herbal tea sweetened with honey while petting my cat, then a long nap, then star-gazing with my hubby and then whatever strikes our fancy.

  9. Raine


    My cats wake me up, I make tea while I feed them. Next I put peanuts outside the window by their cat tree and they love watching the squirrels and birds, and I drink my tea and enjoy watching them. Each day varies after that, I have an erratic sleep schedule and depression and anxiety problems. Books are my best friends and I’m trying to teach myself yoga at home this year which has been enjoyable.

  10. Susie Wilkinson


    My perfect day would begin with waking up naturally, without the alarm disturbing my dreams! After that, a nice walk into town, finishing with a nice lunch. Then back home to sit down with a good book whilst my partner prepares dinner!
    The biggest shift that should, but can’t be made is my work pattern, which is quite disruptive to our home life.

  11. karen


    I would spend my perfect day waking up on a house on the ocean, eating breakfast on the porch smelling the ocean air. Then i would take a long walk on the sand finding seashells. Then read reading a good book in a hammock sipping warm tea.

  12. Izzy


    My perfect day would start with some beach yoga with my daughter, followed by a nice long beach walk with the rest of my kiddos & hubby, an amazing healthy farmers market type lunch and ending with a campfire, music, the stars & my family.

  13. loriag


    My perfect day is sleeping in just enough to get 8 actual hours of sleep. Enjoying some reading time, computer time. Having the energy to do a few chores. Visit a friend, talk with some family. Enjoy the husbands company, watch a little something, and fall asleep.
    I definitely need to shift my work schedule.

  14. Macy Jones


    My perfect day would consist of the following
    ~wake up, hot shower
    ~a cup of smooth, delicious tea
    ~a walk with my fur baby (my dog)
    ~going for a early afternoon brunch with my soon to be husband!
    ~go to work, doing a job I love with people I love even more
    ~come home, sit by the fire and enjoy another cup of tea with the love of my life
    ahhh heaven!

  15. Becca Z


    My perfect day would be an early morning bike ride then gentle stretching, then a homemade healthy breakfast, then going boating and swimming off the boat for most of the day, including a healthy picnic lunch and snacks, then a light dinner, then watching the sunset at the beach, followed by fireworks. To fall in love with life I would need to focus more on the present day and my ability to enjoy it, and less on things to come in future days and months.

  16. Kimberly


    my perfect day would start off with hot water and lemon drink. Then a 5 km run. Quick shower and then wake my daughter up. Then we would cuddle and have breakfast. I would then take her to the zoo for the day to see her favorite animals. Then back home for a healthy dinner. 30-45 minutes of meditation followed by a tea and then bed.

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