World Water day is March 22nd. Each year, World Water Day highlights a specific topic. This year’s theme – Nature for Water – explores how we can use nature to overcome the water challenges of the 21st century with Nature-based solutions (NBS).  The essential message is that NBS, such as planting trees to replenish forests, reconnecting rivers to floodplains, and restoring wetlands, is a sustainable and cost-effective way to help rebalance the water cycle, mitigate the effects of climate change and improve human health and livelihoods.

Today, around 1.9 billion people live in potentially severely water-scarce areas. By 2050, this could increase to around 3 billion people. It is expected that by 2050, the world’s population will have grown by an estimated 2 billion people and global water demand could be up to 30% higher than today.

I am Water

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We’ve covered water scarcity in an earlier post, and how it is affecting us locally and world-wide. Let’s look at a few solutions of what we, as individuals, can do to help.

  • Use your Libre as a water bottle – the glass interior ensures fresh taste for you at home and ‘on the go’
  • Re-use your pasta/vegetable water, once your pasta/vegetable is cooked, let the water cool and then water your plants
  • Check your taps and water pipes for leakage
  • Only run the washing machine and dishwasher when you have a full load
  • Shut water off while you brush your teeth
  • Feed your plants with left over cold tea or water left in your Libre
  • Install low flow shower heads and toilets
  • During your nature walks plant a tree seedling 
  • Join or donate to a water organization such as Charity Water or


What are some ways that you and your family save water around your home and neighborhood?


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