do you know about Yoga Bear? it assist cancer patients and their caregivers to access yoga for little or no cost – they have  chapters all around the US and seem to be a very active group with their classes this weekend  in New York City being filmed by Time Inc for a documentary on their good works. their facebook page also gives some great insights into their activities

we saw an opportunity to support a fundraiser for the LA chapter of Yoga Bear and loved the idea – we have supported Yoga Outreach a Vancouver Canada organisation in the past and love the idea of more people doing more yoga – particularly those invested in healing – my reasons are from my own experience of yoga as an incredibly healing modality to shift my perspective on worldly issues – attitude is everything!!!

So we are very happy to be able to ensure 50 gift bags for the Yoga Bear gathering next weekend will include a Libre tea glass.  Honoured to be able to help in small ways.

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