Last weekend we had a great time at the Vancouver Yoga conference – we enjoyed so many great people sharing tea moments with us and enjoying their Namasthe Teas from Whistler.

great time together at the vancouver yoga conference

Isabelle of Namasthe Tea co. (left) and Wendy of Libre tea (right)

With every Libre purchase Isabelle from Namasthe generously provided a sample tea for the new Libre tea glass – ohh my what a delicious selection – Lime and Ginger Rooiboos, Early Gray Green, Savasna and an incredible Sencha and Oolong. Many more that are lovingly created and hand blended and packed – just too many to try in one weekend. As Isabelle says she weeds the gardens that the herbs grow in and her tea wisdom and Ayervedic herbalist training ensures the right herbs are blended with premium quality, organic and fair trade herbs, for amazing tasting teas.

We had many visitors coming to refill their tea glasses with hot water – I purchased several Namasthe teas to take home too.

Our gift bags were well appreciated by the many fabulous teachers including Seane Corne who dropped by to thank us for the great gift as she is a tea lover too! Maria Garre a senior teacher and Director from Shiva Rae’s Samudra School of Living Yoga and was keen  to carry them in the studio

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